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A penny here, a penny there

Posted: October 21, 2010 5:47 p.m.
Updated: October 22, 2010 5:00 a.m.

The polls are going to open Tuesday, November 2, at 7 a.m. and we again will be asked to choose the people we think are going to be the best to lead our county and state for the next few years. We will also be asked to decide if we want another penny added to the sales tax to fund projects across the county. This question is one of the most important of the entire election for Kershaw County residents for this will affect all of us for years to come. The penny for lobby has been pouring thousands of dollars in promotion of this tax. The donors to this group are not revealed to the public. This should raise questions in all our minds as supporters hide behind this front. I think that if you support this tax and think it would be good for our county you would be proud to put your name as a supporter for the tax.

About a year and a half ago the county council voted to form a committee to study what projects might be funded by a 1 penny sales tax. This committee is filled with liberals who think our money is their money and they know better than us how to spend it. The committee came up with a list of wonderful projects on a grand scale. The liberal mind does not use common sense when spending our money. They always think they can raise taxes, spend whatever they want and the results will be great for all. This of course is wrong. Raising taxes generally hurts the economy and the revenues they project to receive are always less than projected. This tax will not raise as much revenue as projected and if you read the fine print in the slick leaflet penny for is putting out you will find that any lack of funding will be added directly to your property tax. Why is this in there? They already know that these projects will have the usual government cost overruns and they need to make up for this with more of our money in the form of property tax increases forced on us by their incompetence.

These penny tax advocates also want the county to borrow the funding for these projects so we can have the projects now instead of saving the money, then paying for each as the funding is raised. This borrowing of course will cost the county millions in interest. Having your cake and eating too is the liberal way of doing things. This is the same thing that has destroyed our economy by robbing Peter to pay Paul, buying now and paying later.

How do you attract business? Make it cheaper to move and do business here than anywhere else! Common sense!

Common sense is something this committee and the penny for progress crowd are in dire need of. If they love these projects so much they should each come out and put their name on it, then pay the tax themselves.

Keep your grubby little hands off our money! Vote NO on the penny for depression!


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