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Banning guns not the answer to gun violence

Posted: August 3, 2012 6:34 p.m.
Updated: August 6, 2012 5:00 a.m.

As I am sure the flurry of knee-jerk and half thought rants pour in concerning the gun control laws, I draw this letter with hesitation, but certainly with hopes it will not be taken as such. 

The issue has been in debate for thousands of years, and is still prevalent today. Of course, I am not talking about gun control, but something farther in; something human. You see, I have never known a gun to kill anyone; for that matter, a bullet either. There are no weapons, be it guns, bombs, knives, bats or the like that has ever acted on their own malicious intent to take a life. 

It is like throwing a man who is thirsting into the middle of Lake Erie. He will not die of thirst, but eventually, he will still be killed. Whether he dies of the need or the excess, is the water malicious? 

Banning guns, bullets or clenching control laws will only give those who do not care about the laws more power over those that do; and those that do will be restricted to the point of such ineffectiveness, they may as well take chop-sticks to throw rice at their assailants. Our government is making laws that strangle those who use common sense, restraint and diligence. All because people are not liable for their own actions. Now, people want to jump up and down wave their hands over their heads to ban guns, tighten up control. Trouble is, they are trying to tighten the wrong noose, and far past the need to do so.

Again, it is not the weapons or bullets that are the issue. We, as a society, need to remove the persons who consider that a solution; we need to prevent the notion of that as well. Society has deemed punishment as almost illegal, as disrespectful or harmful to the person’s self esteem. In effect, showing that respect for authority or human life is not needed. We say that rehabilitation is the key. Unfortunately, there is no rehabilitation for some, and history has shown that our current penal system is nothing more than a higher level of education for small time thugs to be churned into hardened criminals. Those thugs are getting younger and younger as well. 

As parents have taken or opted for less control, children are growing up as rulers of society, naive in control or consequence. Parents, teachers and police have to cower in sacrifice to appease, keeping the hostility at bay until... well... a Batman premier... a school lunch... a crowded mall. They want to be friends instead of disciplinarians. I see it all around and could go on with examples, but you see it, too. These are the things that breed the snap of someone to go on a rant and make an inanimate object, free of any guilt or intentions, and use it as a tool in their own release of emotions they do not understand or know how to control. You cannot control those who cannot control themselves, no matter what law you pass.

From the electronic babysitters of television, violent video games and demoralizing music, to the liberal agenda of its all about me and everything is “okay”... enforcing total dependence on the government instead of the individual... This is the soup we are forced to eat. A soup of brewing violence and anarch.... Acute now, but soon will be more common.

Banning guns will not cure this... Banning bullets either. If a someone wants to rein destruction, he will find a way. What will cure it is the regeneration of the moral man... One who loves more than hates... One who seeks solution instead of violence and does not accept violence as a solution... One who has the patience to respect and uphold and has the respect to uphold patience; has the wisdom to apply common sense. And do you know what it takes to become wise enough to employ those things? Age and discipline; failure and success, and the reward of those. 

Discipline means to teach responsibility, pride, loyalty, love, respect and honor... For themselves last, for others first, building self strength and fortitude to endure any of life’s ambushes. Punish those who cannot... I’m sorry... who refuse to get that. Those will be the ones who are not men or women enough to deal with the self discipline and control to face their own life issues without felonious actions. We as a society do not need to tolerate that.

I agree that it takes a community to raise a child, either good or bad. Look at our children, folks. Our community needs to change. If not, we will have more and more of these violent outbursts.  

Punishing the rest of society for the few is purely ignorance.


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