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Police report for Nov. 17, 2010

Convenience store owner threatens man with gun, golf club

Posted: November 16, 2010 4:03 p.m.
Updated: November 17, 2010 5:00 a.m.

The owner of a Cassatt convenience store allegedly threatened a man with a handgun and golf club on the afternoon of Nov. 9.

According to a Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) report, the victim said he pulled up to the store’s gas pumps on U.S. 1 North and put gas in his car. When he tried to start the car, he said, it wouldn’t stay running. He tried pressing hard on the accelerator and the vehicle began smoking badly.

At that point, he said, the store owner came running out, cursing and shouting at him that he was going to burn the store down. The owner then went in and came back out with a handgun and golf club. The victim said theowner pointed the handgun at his face and swung the golf club at him twice.

The victim’s wife and 4-year-old daughter were in another car which was being used to try to jump start his car. He said the store owner got into a van, ran into his vehicle and tried to push it. The victim’s wife reportedly began pleading with the owner to let her get the vehicle out of the area and to not hurt her husband or family.

At that point, the store owner reportedly drove away from the scene. The victim said he and his wife were so scared by the confrontation that they used his wife’s car to push his home.

The KCSO reported the following other incidents during the period of Nov. 8-14:

Three Camden men, ages 39, 32 and 43, were arrested after they were caught stealing railroad ties from train tracks just north of Sanders Creek Road. A CSX employee reported the theft and while deputies were responding to the area, another caller from Old Elliott Road said they saw the men loading metal onto a trailer being pulled by a white SUV. A deputy passed the suspect vehicle on Sanders Creek Road, turned around and initiated a traffic stop. The SUV was pulling a trailer the deputy said was filled metal train track pieces. One of the men claimed they had permission to take the metal from “CX,” but was unable to name the employee who had given permission. The other two men claimed they didn’t know who had given the first man permission to take the metal. The first man was found to be driving under suspension. All three men were covered in rust-colored stains matching the rusty metal pieces in the trailer. They were all transported to the county jail and held pending warrants for larceny and issued trespassing citations. The metal was valued at $2,100.

An 18-year-old Lugoff man was arrested after he failed to stop for a deputy who spotted him driving under suspension. The deputy saw the man driving a gray Chevy Impala westbound on Wildwood Lane and had information he was doing so with an invalid tag, no insurance and a suspended license. The deputy made a quick U-turn to initiate a traffic stop, but the young man sped up and did not stop even after the deputy activated his lights and siren. The suspect turned on to Whitehead Road and then into a private driveway but didn’t stop until he made his way to a driveway back on Wildwood Lane. There, the young man jumped out and ran into some woods. Another deputy found the suspect in a housing development behind the house he had fled from. He reportedly admitted to operating the vehicle and that he ran because he “did not want to be caught in that car and go to jail.” He went to jail anyway and was charged with failure to stop for blue lights, driving under suspension (fourth offense), possession of a stolen vehicle tag and no insurance.

Deputies are searching for a man who allegedly pulled a woman out of a car on Black River Road in order to steal the vehicle. The woman said she and a friend were visiting a man on Cub Path Road when she asked her friend’s permission to use his 2002 Toyota Camry to go to the store. She said she went to a service station at the corner of Black River Road and U.S. 521 and then left heading toward Sumter. She said she thought she had dropped a cigarette and pulled over at another convenience store to make sure she hadn’t. It was there, she said, that the man came up to driver’s door, pulled her out, got in and took off. Around the time the woman was giving her statement to deputies, Sumter County deputies were reportedly involved in a chase involving the Camry with the chase ending on Tremble Branch Road in Kershaw County. The suspect managed to evade capture and was unable to be tracked by bloodhounds.

A 49-year-old Camden man was arrested after he allegedly caused a disturbance and tried to assault people at his Skyview Drive residence. The man reportedly began using profanity immediately upon a deputy’s arrival. When the deputy told him he was under arrest and began to help him up, the man allegedly turned around and tried to strike the deputy with a closed fist. Instead, he stumbled and fell off the porch. He was then informed a Taser would be used on him if he did not comply. He refused and the deputy deployed his Taser, but its hooks got caught in the man’s sweater. The man then took a swing at the deputy again, who “drive stunned” the suspect with the Taser in the neck. The man fell to the ground and was able to be taken into custody.

Three masked men allegedly assaulted and fired a shot at a Lugoff man during a robbery in Elgin’s Rocky Branch subdivision. The victim said he was asked to meet an acquaintance there to pick up an iPod he loaned  several weeks before. He said that as he was talking to his friends, the masked men approached carrying guns. One of the suspects allegedly hit him in the head and then fired a gun at him as he was sitting in a car. The bullet reportedly passed through the victim’s ball cap and struck the car’s passenger door. The suspects reportedly took the man’s cell phone and $230. Deputies reported the victim had powder burns to the face.

Two men were caught on video tape stealing a go-cart from a Tremble Branch Road, Camden, property. The victim’s brother called while she was speaking to deputies and told her he had recovered the go-cart but that he’d had to pay $150 to do so. The woman he bought it from claimed her son had told her someone at an east Camden motel was selling the go-cart for $200, but she agreed to only pay $150. Deputies spoke to the woman’s son who said he had purchased the go-cart from someone driving a vehicle matching the one seen in the video of the theft.

A juvenile female high school student was turned over to her mother after she allegedly got into a physical altercation with another female student. When an assistant principal and other teachers tried to break up the fight, the girl reportedly became verbally and physically aggressive toward them. A school resource officer reported the girl refused to follow her commands and tried to break away from the officer when she went to restrain her. Family court petitions are pending, likely for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

A woman living on Bradley Street in Lugoff said she was awakened by the sound of someone talking. She said she got up and turned on a light but didn’t see anyone. The next morning, however, she couldn’t find a deadbolt key and thought she had lost it. While a locksmith changed her locks, she realized the door to her garage was unlocked and discovered numerous items had been taken.

A 41-year-old Elgin man said he was attacked by three men after he followed his nephew into their home on Dixon Road. He said he had seen his nephew -- whom he claimed has a drug problem -- carrying a TV he knew belonged to his father into the men’s house. According to deputies, the man suffered a large cut over his right eye that required several stitches.

Someone cut the chain to the gate of a Jones Road property near the town of Kershaw, then pried open both the front and back doors to a mobile home that had just been moved there. Once inside, they stole a stainless steel refrigerator, black smooth top stove, bar stools, area rug, heating unit, wall plant, wall pictures and a leather couch.

A man wearing a pillow case over his head with holes cut out for his eyes and mouth walked into a Cherokee Boulevard, Elgin, convenience store, grabbed the cash register and ran from the business. Tracking dogs were called to the scene but were unable to find anyone. There was $600 in the register when it was stolen.

Someone entered two Rochelle Lane, Bethune, homes and stole two TVs, a VCR, satellite TV box, toaster oven, two crock pots, an electric frying pan, microwave oven, sofa, chair, hot water heater, shark skin suits and $1,000 worth of jewelry. A radiator was also removed from a Ford pickup at one of the homes.

Deputies are helping the Cassatt fire station investigate what they believe was a suspicious fire that destroyed a single-story wood frame barn on Joe Lenix Road. The barn was empty at the time and did not have power.

Someone pried open the side door to a Rochelle Lane, Bethune, residence and stole a TV and an iron. Someone reported seeing a man walking down the road near the area, possibly carrying a TV.

Someone broke out the glass to a door at an Old Georgetown Road East, Bethune, home and stole a 52-inch HDTV, three gold rings and a DVD player.

Investigators are looking into a complaint that a county man exposed himself to a juvenile female while she was in his home playing with his children.

A woman and a young man were caught on tape at an east Camden grocery store taking a purse out of a woman’s cart when she stepped away.

Someone entered a Leslie Branham Road, Lugoff, home and stole nearly $200 and change and a number of prescription medications.

Someone stole five copper bars worth a total of $500 from a communications tower on Cleveland School Road near Camden.

Someone entered an unsecured Sailing Club Road, Camden, home and stole liquor, $150 and a .32 caliber revolver.

A Cassatt man reported his white 1994 Mazda pickup truck stolen for the second time in several months.

Someone blocked access to a Bethune hunting property by illegally dumping concrete blocks and barbed wire there.

Someone kicked in the door to a Black River Road, Camden, home and stole a 5-disc CD changer from a TV stand.

Someone busted out a side window to a Lake Road, Ridgeway, residence, reached in and grabbed a flat screen TV.

A county woman has alleged she was molested by her uncle when she was between the ages of 5 and 16.

Someone allegedly hacked into a man’s cell phone while he was staying at a Lugoff hotel.

A 24-year-old woman said she was forcibly fondled by her 62-year-old male neighbor.

County deputies also assisted other agencies, served bench warrants and dealt with 12 larceny; 11 vandalism; seven simple assault; four intimidation, motor vehicle theft and public disorderly conduct; three bad check, harassing or obscene phone call and theft from a motor vehicle; two non-violent family offenses; and one burglary, forgery, missing person, obtaining money by false pretenses, open container, possession of a controlled substance, reckless driving, runaway, swindle, trespassing and use of a motor vehicle without owner’s consent.


A 19-year-old Camden man was arrested by the Camden Police Department (CPD) for allegedly stealing his father’s car and then resisting arrest.

An officer was dispatched to the victim’s home where the car was parked in the driveway. The young man’s father said his son took the car while he was sleeping. He said his son later called him and after some discussion, he agreed to bring it back. The young man admitted to the officer he had taken the car without asking but that he wasn’t going to let the officer take him to jail.

When he was advised he was under arrest, the suspect reportedly said “You’re not taking me to jail; I ain’t gonna let you take me to jail.” At that point, another officer arrived on the scene and -- after several more attempts to get the young man to comply -- attempted to handcuff him. He forcefully began to resist. A third officer arrived and began assisting. Because of the confinement of the stairwell the suspect was in, one of the officers decided to deploy his Taser to bring the young man under control. He told the suspect he was going to do so if he didn’t cooperate.

The suspect didn’t and the officer stunned him in the upper left shoulder blade. He was able to be handcuffed at that point, but still resisted as they placed him in a patrol car. He was taken to jail where he was cited for using of a vehicle without permission and resisting a municipal officer.

The CPD reported the following other incidents during the period of Nov. 8-14:

A Lancaster man was arrested and charged with third degree (simple) assault after he and two other men allegedly assaulted a Camden man outside a West DeKalb Street convenience store. The victim said he and his girlfriend saw the man fall out of a car drunk and started laughing at him. That’s when the suspect allegedly came over with two other men and attacked the victim. When police arrived, the two other men fled from the scene. The victim was able to point out the suspect who had gone back inside the store.

A Lugoff woman serving a sentence on the weekends at the Kershaw County Detention Center was held pending further drug and contraband charges. As she was being processed, a corrections officer noticed she was wearing a bandage on her right calf. The detainee claimed she had recently cut herself. When the officer asked to see the cut, she noticed a bulge in the bandage and asked that it be taken off completely. It turned out the bandage was hiding three light blue pills that appeared to be Xanax.

Someone broke several windows at the old Camden Middle School on Laurens Street, propped open three sets of exterior doors and moved some trophies and other miscellaneous items to the roof. Several places were also spray painted with orange paint.

A woman who is seven months pregnant claimed her boyfriend pushed her, pulled her hair and tried to strangle her during an argument. Officers said the man fled the scene as they entered the area near the woman’s residence.

Someone stole a cast iron bench swing from in front of a Broad Street café.

Camden officers also assisted other agencies, served bench warrants and dealt with three larceny and public disorderly conduct; two third degree (simple) assault; and one DUI, failure to surrender suspended driver’s license, harassment, minor in possession of alcohol, simple possession of marijuana, theft from a motor vehicle, trespassing and vandalism.

Incident reports are provided by the Camden Police Department and Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office and are a matter of public record under the S.C. Freedom of Information Act. If the C-I makes a mistake, it will correct it upon verification with the appropriate law enforcement agency. Readers are cautioned that other individuals may have similar or identical names as those contained in incident reports. All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


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