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Protecting our schools

Posted: March 5, 2013 3:18 p.m.
Updated: March 6, 2013 5:00 a.m.

Yes, there are crazies walking among us, even in the U.S. government, but I ask you to keep things in perspective. They are not standing on every street corner with assault weapons waiting to slaughter school children.  As sad as the Sandy Hook situation was, and as much as we all would like to undo that travesty, it is a very, very rare occurrence. And for those of you who would say “if your child was involved you would not see it that way,” you are right. I would be thinking emotionally, not logically. But realistically, how many reading this has ever been in a classroom when a crazy came in shooting, or how many of your children, or how many in your lifetime have you ever known to have been in such dire straits? Yes, it could happen, but the likelihood is infinitesimally small.

It is impractical to expect to protect against every conceivable eventuality. What could the Russians have done recently to avoid meteorite fall out? And do you remember years ago when many people built and stocked underground bomb shelters in their backyards? Pretty sure they are all filled in with dirt now. Why? Because it was impractical and overreacting to a fear.

When we consider employing policemen at every school to prevent the unlikely from occurring, we are grossly overreacting. Consider the millions that would cost. When you do, a few questions come to mind. Where’s the money coming from, and how many other ways could the same money be spent to improve the educational system, which is what schools are supposed to be about? Further, let’s be practical, a school is a large facility. How do you arrange to have the policeman at the very room where the crazy comes in and starts shooting? And if it takes a few minutes to get from where he might be to where he needs to be to protect the children, the damage has been done. Besides, if the crazy has the right weapon and is a better marksman, the policeman might just be one more casualty.

When you consider the deterioration of effective government, and the continual loss of morality in our country, it is scary. But, the wheels have not come off completely yet. And if you disagree and think they have, I submit that placing a policeman in each school will nowhere near solve the problem.


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