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The Duggars are adopting

Posted: March 28, 2013 5:21 p.m.
Updated: March 29, 2013 5:00 a.m.

Everybody has their own opinion about the infamous Duggar clan -- I love them. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently revealed that, after a miscarriage in 2011, they are contemplating adoption.

The Duggars have 19 children and two grandchildren. All 19 kids’ names start with a “J,” and they are just the cutest little family. We can all agree that the 19 children is a lot, but the Duggars seem to have a system going that works for them and their family; they seem to be quite happy. If Michelle Duggar wants to keep having more babies, then more power to her. She is a testament to women’s rights just as much as the newest Yahoo CEO. But, with her recent difficulties with pregnancy, adoption might be a more logical and healthy solution. Adoption would allow the Duggars to continue their love of caring for children, in addition to keeping the celebrity trend of adoption alive and well. I don’t believe adoption should be a trend -- as it can be a long process and we aren’t talking about a car here -- and I do have some conflict about celebrities adopting children from other countries, when they could help fund the community they were thinking about adopting from, which could improve the lifestyle of more than one family … but we won’t go there today.

I do think high-profile adoption can help show everyday people that adoption is doable, however, just as much as your neighbor down the street can make the idea of adoption accessible. Although they mentioned a recent trip to China, I think it would say more if they adopted an American child older than four- or five-years-old. International adoption is tricky although I’m sure they could get fabulous help finding a legit agency. I’ve heard too many stories of children being taken when they’ve had family in their home country willing to take them in. I also think there is a stigma that there are tons of adoptable babies from less-developed countries that are good in health according to American standards, when there are probably more malnourished older children that have been left to fend for themselves who need homes.

The Duggars became famous after they opened their lives to the world on TLC with 14 Children and Pregnant Again. I have to admit they looked like your stereotypical right-wing conservative Christians when they first hit the airwaves and they took a lot of flak for it. They’ve since evolved in style, although their principles are the same, which I can appreciate. Good ‘ol Jim Bob and Michelle can care less what other people think about how they structure their lives, and many people have taken an interest in their lives. They’ve got a lot to offer, if you ask me: they shop frugally, don’t spend unnecessary money on frivolous things, invest in each other and are allegedly debt free. I’m sure there are lots of people in America who would like to have a similar lifestyle. In my lifetime, I’ve come across members of families that had 10 or 11 children, and they loved the fact that they had so many siblings. All of them said that their parents just knew they wanted a big family, so they made it happen.

I’m sure each kid doesn’t get nearly as much time as a family with two to five kids would, but I can’t imagine the Duggars don’t take time to sit down with each of their kids individually. There is nothing wrong with having your own children -- the Duggars have obviously done that quite well -- but adoption requires a special kind of selflessness because you are not dealing with your own flesh and blood. Often times, people looking to adopt don’t know the family history which could be a factor in their new child’s development. One of the ladies that watched me when my parents worked adopted her children and homeschooled them. Adoption has been near to my heart ever since I was a child; I just think the whole idea of it is noble.

It’s great that they want to adopt. The Duggars seem to be very capable, loving and encouraging parents who have managed to fulfill their own dreams while raising what seem like capable adults. The Duggars have a seemingly solid family unit, so there is no doubt that they would be great adoptive parents.


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