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Female breadwinners to cause downfall of society?

Posted: June 4, 2013 2:46 p.m.
Updated: June 5, 2013 5:00 a.m.

I’m not typically one to really keep up with the happenings on FOX News or really any other news type channel for that matter. I don’t really watch TV all that often so I tend to get my news from a variety of websites. However, sometime Friday as I scanned my Facebook newsfeed I began to see a trend. There appeared to be some sort of hullaballoo regarding comments said on FOX News. The thing that caught my attention were the variety of people who were posting about what happened. It wasn’t just those that refer to themselves as more left wing politically posting in outrage about the comments, there were also those who refer to themselves as more right wing that were posting as well. And it also wasn’t just women who were posting their annoyance with these comments, there were men who were annoyed with them as well.

Eventually my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to investigate for myself what all the noise was about. At first -- while watching a clip where FOX News commentators Erick Erickson, Lou Dobbs and Juan Williams basically claim that the downfall of society will be due to the fact that more females are coming into the role of “breadwinner” in families -- I thought for sure it must be some sort of spoof or parody. There’s a website called The Onion which posts articles making fun of current events and my first thought was that this was another joke article by The Onion. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. This was for real.

I became obsessed with this situation. Being not only a female in the workforce and also the result of a family with a working mother and father I’ll admit I was slightly offended. The reason for this male panel to be in such uproar is due to a study that was recently released that four out of 10 households with children now have a female breadwinner. Williams referred to it as “something going terribly wrong in American society.” “Left, right, I don’t see how you can argue this,” he went on to say. Erickson claimed “it’s science” that males should be in the “dominant role” in a family hierarchy.

This is 2013. While I’m still waiting for teleportation to be created by scientists (that’s another story for another day though), I was under the impression that we were progressing as a society. I’m utterly confused as to how these men could say that children raised in a household where the mother isn’t a stay-at-home mom are affected negatively. I mean, I think that I turned out pretty well. Luckily, someone at FOX News has a stable head on their shoulders. FOX News’ Megyn Kelly decided to stand up for female breadwinners everywhere and went on air for a heated debate with Dobbs and Erickson. My personal favorite lines from this somewhat more varied conversation between the three were from Kelly, of course.

“In this county in the ‘50s and ‘60s there were huge numbers of people that believed that the children of interracial marriages were biologically inferior … and they said it was science and fact if you were the child of a black father and white mother or vice versa you were inferior and not set up for success. Tell that to Barack Obama.”

Boom! Nailed it. Not only is Kelly not a feminist she is also a conservative-minded individual. This argument has nothing to do with political parties or feminism or science or fact. Kelly brought up a point that there are numerous scientific studies (some of which she referenced) that prove Erickson’s statement that it’s science that supports his claims is in fact false. This is about ignorance and panic from these close-minded men who, in their minds, believe women are taking over the world and they are going to lose their spot as being the dominant ones simply due to their sex. Dominance is a word that I view to be a negative one. Dominance to me, is the opposite of equality.

While I may not agree with Kelly’s other views, I have a newfound appreciation for her after her stand against her colleagues. FOX News’ Greta Van Susteren also had some comments for these men. “Have these men lost their minds?... Next thing they will have a segment to discuss eliminating women’s right to vote,” Susteren said on her blog. I’m thrilled that these women decided to stand up for not only themselves but for women everywhere. They show that just because a woman stands up for herself and her role in society and a belief that women and men should be equal in these terms, doesn’t mean that you are a feminist or a liberal. It simply means that you are proud of who you are and I think that’s the most important thing that society needs today.

It shouldn’t matter your sex, race, sexuality or political stance. All that should matter is that you are proud and OK with who you are in regards to those categories. I’m also very curious to know what part of the “natural world” and “in other animals” Erickson is looking to for reference in his scientific facts. One article by Amanda Marcotte I read said that it was more than likely “the well-known academic text, The Berenstain Bears.” We all know how realistic children’s stories about talking animals who make money are, so I see where Erickson might have gotten a little mixed up. In closing, I’d like to say a big thank you to the female breadwinners everywhere as well as the males I came across showing disgust and disbelief for the comments made by Erickson, Dobbs and Williams. And also a big shout out to those like me, “those who survive,” according to Dobbs, although our moms were working mothers. Congrats guys! We made it! Now we just have to sit back and watch society crumble around us…


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