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A nice, quiet evening

Posted: March 4, 2014 10:00 a.m.
Updated: March 5, 2014 5:00 a.m.

This weekend I’m going to a bachelorette party. Actually, it’s a combined bachelor/bachelorette party where both the bride and groom-to-be and their closest friends will be in attendance. I’m looking forward to it, but there’s always a little bit of anxiety before taking part in an event such as that. I’m sure that’s partly due to the Hangover movies and partly due to my own experiences in the past with bachelorette parties.

The first one I went to was my cousin, Amber’s. It was in Savannah and in my mind, it’s always remembered as the shoe party. One of the girls that came with us on this trip was a rather uptight friend of my cousin’s. We’ll call her Shoe-girl. Shoe-girl earned this nickname from me because of the fact that she purchased a pair of Tory Burch heels while in Savannah that cost her more than $300. I won’t lie; they were nice shoes, but ridiculously overpriced.

Well she decided to wear them out that night. Why you’d wear a pair of $300 dollars shoes out in Savannah to a bar on a Saturday night while with a bachelorette party is beyond me, but she did.

The night was going well when a bachelor party group decided to join forces with us. They dragged an extra table over to join with our table (during this exchange Shoe-girl was not pleased as she’s not one to make new friends) and while pushing the tables together a beverage toppled over and fell. It fell right in front of Shoe-girl and splashed all over her brand new shoes.

The beverage at fault included cranberry juice, so you can imagine the scene it left on those white shoes. It was heart wrenching … for Shoe-girl. She threw an absolute fit and the worst part of it for me was that I could not stop laughing.

The next time I was a part of a bachelorette party was for my friend, Lindsay’s, wedding and we returned to Savannah. This trip was equally fun and entertaining except that I twisted my ankle. I was coming down a steep set of stairs and it just happened. It hurt to walk, but I found ways to numb the pain. When we got back to our hotel room and I retrieved my cell phone, I preceded to call my then-boyfriend and tell him I had broken my foot.

He reacted with concern, which just egged me on. I told him I was going to have to have immediate foot surgery and that my friends were probably going to have to take me to the nearest Savannah hospital. The next morning I had probably 25 text messages on my phone from him, asking if I was OK and if he needed to come get me and if I would be able to walk.

I had to call him back and tell him my foot was completely fine except for a very slight bruise. You might think he would have been overcome with relief and joy that I was OK, but it wasn’t exactly like that. I remember the words “childish” and “dramatic” being thrown about a few more times than I would have liked.

For my older sister’s bachelorette party in Columbia, the evening was mostly tame. We did have the rare opportunity of riding in the taxi cab of an up and coming Columbia rap artist. Yeah, that’s not a joke. Cab-driving was just his day job. And, one of the perks of riding with this soon-to-be celebrity was that he played his own music while driving us around. I remember him cranking up the music and saying, “You know who that is?” “Is that you?” I asked. He nodded proudly. “Yeah. That’s me.” And the next 10 minutes of our lives were spent listening to his hot new mix tape.

My friends in Charleston and I also faked a bachelorette party. Yes, we bought all the beads and sashes and glitter and tiaras and went out on the town to celebrate a marriage that was not occurring. It was awesome and very successful. There was an awkward moment when another of  our graduate school friends saw us out and stated very loudly, “None of y’all are getting married.” We responded with “Surprise!!” and then we got away from her spoilsport attitude ASAP.

Like I said, I have no idea what this weekend will hold. I’m a little older now and much calmer so I’m anticipating a nice, quiet evening. Just keep me away from sets of stairs and take my cell phone away at midnight and it should be a successful evening indeed.


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