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Don’t worry, your gun won’t be confiscated

Posted: August 5, 2014 10:16 a.m.
Updated: August 6, 2014 5:00 a.m.

Hey, gun owners! Smell something burning? That is the smoke screen generated by Congress, the NRA and the panic button pushers.

As a journalist of long years, I have learned that double checking facts is imperative. So I ‘Googled’ the daylights out of gun ownership and found the following.

From various official sources, it is estimated that there are between 275 million and 300 million firearms in this country. (In journalism, when official sources use the word “estimated,” the hair on the back of our necks stands up. It is government speak for “I haven’t got a clue.” Remember that the “Big Dig” in Boston was “estimated” to cost $2.6 billion. The final cost was $14.8 billion.)

It is “estimated” that these guns can be found in between 92 million and 84 million households.

I can play that game. Setting aside the fact that shotguns and rifles weigh more than pistols, and using a low-ball figure that each weapon weighed 5 pounds, that would mean there are 6.875 million tons of guns out there. That is a lot of iron. By comparison, there are 60,000 tons of steel in the Empire State Building. That means that you could frame 115 Empire State Buildings and still have a bit left over.

When building the NYC landmark, the materials were delivered to the site. However, if all the boom-sticks were to be collected. somebody would have to go to each state and police-up 137,500 tons of weapons, all things being equal. Talk about your logistical nightmare, and we haven’t touched on confiscating ammunition.

But let us say the powers that be order a voluntary turn-in of weapons. There would be a few people that would comply. They would be those folks who believe guns are bad or those who inherited Grandpa’s shotgun after he passed on to the happy hunting ground and had no idea what to do with it.

So, I’m estimating that there will have to have an average of 1.68 million search warrants issued in each state for cause. Either that or the building supply companies are going to have a huge increase in profits from selling replacement doors and door parts because of all of the doors being kicked in. Then there is the human factor.

These are firearms, not potato peelers. It is safe to assume that the owners know how to use them. Here in the Southern states, we are supposed to be “gun-nuts” and would never go down without a fight. But you can bet your last bullet that our neighbors to the North are not going to sit still for confiscation.

Then just who is going to do the dirty deed? I can guarantee that all law enforcement officers at the local, county, and state levels will do nothing to enforce any confiscation law. Those cops are our friends and neighbors. Maybe the feds or the Army will do it. Really, setting the scope of the operation aside, they are Americans too.

So get a grip. No need to bury your .22 under granny’s azalea. It ain’t gonna happen.


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