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Crime Report - Dec. 1, 2015

KCSO makes 12 DUI arrests, one for driving 115 mph

Posted: November 30, 2015 5:58 p.m.
Updated: December 1, 2015 1:00 a.m.

John Edward Hanna ... arrested for driving 115 mph and DUI

Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) deputies arrested 12 people for driving under the influence (DUI) during the Thanksgiving weekend. According to a KCSO press release, deputies only arrested one person on I-20; deputies made the remaining arrests on the county’s secondary roads.

In one case, deputies arrested a familiar face: John Edward Hannah, 28, of Darlington. In the press release, KCSO officials said this is the second time in five months a member of the KCSO traffic unit arrested Hannah for DUI. Deputies arrested him Nov. 28 after stopping him for speeding at 115 mph on I-20. Deputies arrested Hannah the first time in June after clocking him traveling at 114 mph, also on I-20, a charge still pending against him.

KCSO officials noted the number of traffic fatalities in Kershaw County stand at 19, more than half of which are DUI related. Along with a dramatic increase in traffic fatalities statewide, Kershaw County has now shown an increase in highway deaths. DUI enforcement has been, and will continue to be, a priority for the sheriff’s office traffic unit, according to the press release.

In 2014, Kershaw County recorded eight traffic fatalities on I-20. Based on the data, the KCSO increased enforcement on I-20, resulting in only one interstate traffic fatality so far in 2015 in Kershaw County. However, the other 18 fatalities took place on secondary roads. As a result, officials said traffic enforcement focus is shifting to secondary roads.

During the Thanksgiving weekend, deputies made the 12 DUI arrests for impaired driving with alcohol, heroin and marijuana use being contributing factors.

In addition to Hannah, the KCSO listed the following other individuals as arrested and charged with DUI: Marcel Melendez, 32, of  Cayce; Andrew Gregg McLeod, 34, of Camden; Tyreek Najee Russell, 20, of Columbia; Kevin Lamont Glee, 36, of Camden; Melissa Tonya Nelson, 47, of Lugoff; Thomas Russell Graham, 43, of Camden; Jack Ryan Mattox, 23, of Elgin; Brooke Lauren Bradwell, 20, of Lugoff; Eric Warren Smith, 39,  Lugoff; Angela Worley Emmer, 47, Blythewood; and Terrence Paul Reynolds, 19, Elgin.

“The traffic fatality rate in Kershaw County is unacceptable and will be addressed,” Sheriff Jim Matthews said in the press release. “If we had experienced 19 homicides, the public would demand immediate action. We will not treat traffic fatalities any differently. The acceptable traffic fatality rate in my family is zero and I suspect it would be that for every family.”

As always, each of these individuals is innocent until proven guilty. Deputies transported all of them to the Kershaw County Detention Center where they participated in bond hearings.

In addition, the KCSO arrested a 53-year-old Cassatt woman Nov. 22 on U.S. 1 North cross both the fog and center lines. According to a KCSO report, a deputy pulled the driver over in front of the recycling center near Logan Road and, when they approached, could smell the odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. The woman failed field sobriety tests, leading to her arrest. At the county jail, a breathalyzer test recorded a blood alcohol level of .21, more than two and half times the legal limit.

The KCSO reported the following other recent incidents:

A deputy responded Nov. 27 to a report of someone shooting at a hunter in a deer stand in the area of Neds Creek Road about one-half mile from Jones Road. Dispatchers told the deputy one of the victim’s friends was chasing the subject in a car down the road in attempt to stop them. A S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) officer called off the friend and asked them to return to the deer stand. The victim told the deputy he was hunting and heard a shot which sounded very close to him. He said he then saw a subject come walking out of the wood line close to his stand. The victim said he yelled down to the subject to let him know he was hunting and to leave. The subject responded by yelling at him, saying the hunter was on his property. During the argument, the subject allegedly pointed a deer rifle at the victim, then took a handgun and unloaded a magazine toward the stand. A DNR officer later told the deputy he spoke with the subject who claimed he had gone on his boss’ property to retrieve a golf cart and waited in another deer stand in order not to mess up anyone else’s hunting. He said while sitting in the stand, he shot a hog and went to look for it, which is when he ended up confronting the victim. The subject claimed he looked through the scope of the rifle to look for the hog but never pointed it at the victim. He did admit, however, to firing two rounds into the ground out of anger. The DNR officer contacted the deputy a third time saying he had been contacted by a Columbia Police Department official who witnessed the incident, corroborated the victim’s version of events and said if it had happened in his jurisdiction, he would have arrested the subject.

A deputy responded to an alarm at a Revere Circle, Camden residence Nov. 25 and found the front door open with a broken bottom right window pane. After clearing the home, a deputy spoke with a neighbor who had the homeowner on the phone. They arranged for the man to call the deputy back on his own phone and the owner walked the deputy through the home while on the line. They discovered three pistols were missing from the top two drawers of the man’s dresser. The man told the deputy he had shown one of the weapons to a male subject who turned out to be wanted from the Department of Juvenile Justice in Charleston. The neighbor said they saw three male subjects approach the house and ring the doorbell who returned to a white mid-sized SUV when asked what they needed. The property manager from a nearby apartment building said they had seen a suspicious vehicle in the area with three black males and one white male who had backed into the complex’s laundry building. The manager provided a license tag number which came back to an ivory Nissan Rogue stolen from Dorchester County.

A deputy responding to a report of shots fired at a Woodlawn Drive, Camden residence Nov. 24 found evidence of a shotgun blast striking right above the outside of a kitchen window. At the time, the couple, a friend and the friend’s 1-year-old son were inside the residence. The couple said they saw what appeared to be a white colored SUV outside the home at the time the shot was fired. The wife provided a description of a possible subject. While obtaining their statements, the deputy saw a vehicle drive by several times by a man fitting that description.

On Nov. 28, a Clarksville, Tenn., woman staying at a Barfield Road, Elgin residence reported her black 2012 Chevy Malibu had been stolen. She said while there was a spare key in the center console, the vehicle was locked when it disappeared and the deputy noted no broken glass. The following morning, the deputy learned the Winnsboro Department of Public Safety arrested an 18-year-old man driving the car for possession of a stolen vehicle.

An Elgin man reported being scammed by someone claiming to be from the IRS who said they had been audited, found a problem from previous tax years and had a warrant for their arrest. The man said he was told to wire $3,700 to avoid arrest and complied. The man’s son, bank and the sheriff’s office are all looking into the scam.

KCSO investigators are looking into a report of an Elgin man who may have entered an open storage unit in Lugoff and stolen several electronic devices.

County deputies also dealt with six incidents of malicious injury to property or vandalism; four cases each of DUI and simple possession of marijuana; three cases each of larceny and speeding; two cases each of assault, ATM/credit card fraud, burglary, driving under suspension and open container; and one case each of breach of trust, disregarding a stop sign, domestic violence, harassment, minor in possession of alcohol, natural death, no driver’s license, possession of a controlled substance, possession of ecstasy, scam, stalking, theft from a motor vehicle and trespassing.


The Camden Police Department (CPD) is looking for two unknown young men they believe are responsible for at least one automobile break-in at the Town Green.

According to a CPD report, around 6:15 p.m. Nov. 21, dispatchers sent officers to the scene saying an African-American male subject wearing a mask had taken a purse from a vehicle and fled on foot. As officers approached the scene, they learned a witness was chasing two African-American male subjects from the Town Green toward Lyttleton Street and into an adjacent parking lot.

Multiple officers responded and began patrolling the area, setting up a perimeter. One officer reported seeing a subject wearing all-black clothing running behind a store on Rutledge Street. He and another officer searched the area, but were unable to locate the subject. However, officers did locate the stolen purse and its contents behind the same business. Officers called in the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office dog team.

Meanwhile, another officer spotted a suspect running west across Market Street toward Arthur Lane. A brief foot chase took place, but the officer lost sight of the subject who had run into a wooded area. Officers expanded the perimeter and the dog team joined in. The team determined the subjects jumped the fence at SAFE Federal Credit Union. Officers also found a black colored bandana and a surgical mask behind a nearby church. The dog team tracked the subject who ran across Market Street to an area near Broad Street and Clyburn Lane, but then lost the track.

Officers spoke to the victim who said she had been walking to her car when she saw a subject rummaging through her friend’s vehicle. She described the subject as a smaller African-American male wearing a dark hoodie and something covering his face. He may have been holding a crowbar. The subject ran off with her friend’s purse in his hand when she approached.

The CPD reported the following other recent incidents:

Officers arrested Matthew Blane Corbett, 20, of Tupelo Lane, Elgin, on a charge of distribution of marijuana after seeing Corbett meet with someone in the parking lot of an East DeKalb Street restaurant after it had closed. With one of the officers knowing the lot had been used in the past for drug transactions, the officers stopped Corbett’s car and another car from leaving in order to investigate. The passenger of the other car ultimately admitted they had paid Corbett $50 for some marijuana. Corbett was found with the $50, along with other cash. Officers charged the 23-year-old woman with simple possession of marijuana.

An officer stopped a 23-year-old Camden man after spotting him walking down Broad Street late at night on Nov. 22 while wearing dark clothes and a hoodie covering his face. During the field interview, the officer patted the man down for safety purposes and discovered a glass pipe used for smoking marijuana. In addition, he discovered the man had a loaded .22 caliber pistol in his underwear. In addition to charging him with possession of drug paraphernalia, the CPD is charging the man with carrying a concealed weapon.

Camden officers also dealt with three cases of public disorderly conduct; two shoplifting cases; and one case each of assault, harassment, motor vehicle break-in, non-sexual indecent exposure, possession of drug paraphernalia and vandalism.

Incident reports are provided by the Camden Police Department and Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office and are a matter of public record under the S.C. Freedom of Information Act. If the C-I makes a mistake, it will correct it upon verification with the appropriate law enforcement agency. Readers are cautioned that other individuals may have similar or identical names as those contained in incident reports. All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


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