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Garbage on television

Katrina Moses

Posted: December 2, 2016 10:57 a.m.
Updated: December 2, 2016 10:58 a.m.

How are cable companies maintaining stability in this present day? I am curious because a few of my friends from college and even the ones back in Summerville barely watch television. They watch television on their phones with apps like Netflix and Hulu. 

I cannot receive Time Warner, Dish Network or DirecTv at my apartment because a huge tree is blocking the satellite receiver. I have Truvista as my television and internet provider, but I do not watch television as much as I used to. Do not get me wrong, I still watch “Empire”, “Unsung”, Disney Channel or TNT, but I have been watching classics as well. 

I can watch television shows from my childhood on Netflix or YouTube. I can spend three hours a day watching television shows and movies on my laptop because there is garbage on television nowadays. I often go on YouTube and watch episodes of “Sister, Sister” or old movies like “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.  

When my peers and I watch television on our phones and laptops through Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube, how are cable companies surviving? Unless they are getting rich off of people like my parents who think I am crazy to watch an hour long TV show on my phone. 

As far as garbage on television, whatever happened to sitcoms where comedies taught you lessons while you laughed? For example, “Full House,” “Boy Meets World” or “Family Matters.” I honestly believe there are so many reboots of shows of the past because everything on television shows are raunchy and ridiculous. Think about it: Netflix did a reboot of “Full House” called “Fuller House”, “Boy Meets World” has a reboot on Disney Channel called “Girl Meets World” where Cory and Topanga have kids, and I recently heard that Raven Symoné is doing a reboot of her Disney show, “That’s So Raven.” 

These were quality shows of the past, and you did not have to watch the show in chronological order to see the plots thicken. 

Because I have enjoyed being a writer since I was seven, I always told myself I would create a show or movie that blew people out of the water. We live in a world where no one is original anymore, but I am sure I could put out a decent show that catered to parents, grandparents and kids. 

I have no clear way to figure out how to stop promoting garbage on television. By watching tv shows with sex, money and drugs, I am not a heathen. You are not either. When you allow these shows to dictate your life, that is when your morals may get conflicted with society. 

For example, as a child, one of my favorite television shows was, “Martin”. He had a sense of humor out of this world, but he often brought up topics that no one liked to talk about: moving in with a partner (shackin’ up as my relatives call it), women making moves in the corporate world (the woman that played his girlfriend had a prestigious job) and they had real life problems that were not over the top. My mother did not like that Martin and his girl was shackin’ for the first few seasons of the show, and that was when she gave me life lessons as a wee rugrat. “Katrina, just because you see it on tv, you do not have to become consumed by it or follow everything they do.” 

This is the moment when I tell you the same thing: do not get consumed by it. 

For example, people love watching reality shows with the housewives, teen moms and whatnot, but are these women providing a great example to the female youth? I think not because the women on these shows are catty, they degrade each other, and maybe “Teen Mom” promotes teen pregnancy. 

Who really knows? How do you feel about what is on TV? 

(Katrina Moses is a staff writer with the Chronicle-Independent, Camden, S.C. Email responses may be sent to


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