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Senior times and customs

Posted: March 6, 2017 1:55 p.m.
Updated: March 7, 2017 1:00 a.m.

What was the “lay by” period for cotton farmers?

Which day would barber shops stay open until midnight? Which day would most merchants stay open the latest?

Why was the noon meal usually the big meal of the day for families with wood stoves?

Which day was baking day for your grandmother? Which day was washing day?

America has grown and changed in the past century. Electricity, the automobile, indoor plumbing, radio and television are just some of the components that made your life different from that of your grandparents and great-grandparents. Below are some notes, questions, customs that you may recall. If you do not know or cannot recall you may want to ask an older Southern lady or gentleman,  

When was the last county election for the cotton weigher officer?

How many times a day did you milk a cow?  The best milk had a higher content of butterfat. Since milk was neither pasteurized or homogenized which was the best way to sterilize milk bottles? Why did farmers feed cows cottonseed meal and hulls? Why were guano mounds allowed in cow barns and stalls in the winter before being used as fertilizer in the spring?

What was cut into the outhouse door to signify this building was an outhouse?

What is the difference between a singletree and a doubletree?

How big a pit would you need to bank potatoes?

Which profession would you find a member of the Republican Party? Why would many of these public officials be Republicans?

What is a camp meeting and why would most churches wait until the  fall  before  having  a 








In most small town drug stores you could purchase a bottle of dope, courage pills and merry widows.  

Some churches have double doors with one door for females and the other for males. Why?

In 1939 in S.C., girls’ basketball changed from three courts to a two court game. How was it different?

Where was the ice placed in an ice box and what was the use of sawdust in maintaining ice blocks?

Most of the early radio listeners in the Carolinas tuned to what station in Charlotte before WIS started broadcasting. Why does the “I” in WIS stand for iodine? Why were many northern horses sent to S.C. for the winter and why did we have the reputation for wintering healthier horses?

Why did some families drink postum rather than coffee?

Why did you see most farmers have a sugar cane patch?  What was the link between the mule, the big pot, and molasses and syrup?

What was needed to be done to corn before you had grits and corn meal?

On the first cold snap it was time to butcher a hog. The big pieces of meat would be smoked and/or salted in a wooden barrel. Would you use the small intestines for sausage casings or liver pudding? The excess fat would be cut into cubes and cooked in a big pot to make lard, while the grease would be used to make lye soap. Would the lye soap be used for clothes or human washing?


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