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Crime Report - July 3, 2018

Man arrested after interfering at DeKalb Street wreck

Posted: July 2, 2018 4:47 p.m.
Updated: July 3, 2018 1:00 a.m.

Camden Police Department (CPD)

CPD officers charged a 29-year-old Camden man with resisting arrest, interfering with a municipal officer and trespassing during the overnight hours of June 4-5 after responding to a vehicle-versus-pole collision in the parking lot of Murdock’s bar on West DeKalb Street.

According to a CPD incident report, while speaking with the driver of the vehicle, another man drove up into the parking lot, got out, approached the wrecked vehicle and started asking the driver questions while an officer was speaking to him. The officer asked the man multiple times to step back, but the man began yelling and cursing, and balled up his hands into fists. He claimed the driver of the wrecked vehicle was a relative, but the officer told him he could speak to the parties involved after he got some information from them. Several other people standing near the front door of the bar then began surrounding the front of the vehicle where the officer was standing.

Yet another man exited the vehicle that had driven up on the scene and started running toward the officer with his hand underneath his shirt and inside the front of his pants as if he was concealing a weapon. He then stood behind the other people before making his way closer. At this point, the officer called for backup just as the two men from the other vehicle began yelling and cursing trying to get the other people in the crowd to join them.

The officer asked the men several times to leave. Reportedly, neither man complied, stating they weren’t going anywhere and began closing in on the officer. The officer pulled out his pepper spray and told the men he would use it if they didn’t clear the scene. Just before another officer arrived on the scene, the passenger from the second car began moving, with his hand underneath his shirt in the front of his pants. Believing the man might be armed, the officer decided to detain him.

When the officer went to do so, the 29-year-old snatched away after being told to put his hands behind his back. He then balled up his fists and reportedly took a fighter’s stance as he reached into the front of his pants yet again. The officer -- who was about 4 to 5 feet away -- deployed his pepper spray. The man began running back to the vehicle he had ridden in, but the officer tackled him. He managed to grab one of the man’s hands, but the subject used the other to reach into his pants as if trying to get a weapon.

At this point, the officer delivered two strikes with his hand to prevent the man from drawing a weapon. He then covered his face with both hands, continuing to be non-compliant. Another officer assisted in handcuffing him, at which point the first man who had gotten out of the car came over and began yelling and cursing. They placed him in handcuffs, too, and placed him in the back of a patrol car, but later released him after determining he was only trying to get the second man to comply with officers.

EMS came to the scene, flushed the arrested man’s eyes and checked him for injuries before clearing officers to transport him to the Kershaw County Detention Center. The incident report made no further mention of any weapon.

The CPD reported the other following recent incidents:

Officers took a 15-year-old boy into custody after he allegedly struck a number of cars while driving a white 2001 Cadillac Deville on West DeKalb Street, Boykin Road and U.S. 521 around 8 p.m. June 22. According to a CPD report, a Winnsboro woman said she was struck from the rear while she was waiting in the innermost left turn lane on West DeKalb Street at Springdale Drive. She said she pulled out of the roadway since her vehicle suffered only minor damage, but said the vehicle that struck hers fled the scene heading east on DeKalb Street. Several witnesses said the four-door sedan had suffered heavy front end damage; one witness was able to provide a partial license plate number. Before leaving the scene, the responding officer reported getting additional calls of vehicles being struck by the same teenager on Boykin Road and U.S. 521. Again, the vehicle reportedly fled the scene, but was located on Cornwallis Drive near the Bridlewood subdivision. The officer said that when he arrived there, other officers already had the boy in custody, but reported the teenager was “extremely belligerent, yelling (and) using profane language.” They also reported the boy appeared to be highly intoxicated by drugs and/or alcohol. He allegedly tried to snatch his hands away and turn around so that his handcuffs could not be double locked. After initially being placed in a patrol car, an officer tried to get him out so he could be searched. When they did so, the boy struggled with officers. He also kept placing a hand over a pocket in an attempt to keep officers from retrieving items, including a cell phone, and continued to resist in other ways before being subdued enough to be searched. After being placed in the patrol car again, he managed to slip his cuffs from the back to the front and damaged the brake light housing on the inside of the car. The reporting officer then removed him from the vehicle, switched out the handcuffs from chained to hinged, and placed him back in the patrol car so another officer could transport him to the detention center’s blood alcohol test room. The report listed possible charges to be petitioned in family court as malicious injury to personal property, DUI, hit and run, and a violation of beginner’s permit restrictions.

During the early morning hours of June 6, officers arrested a 57-year-old Camden man following a short car chase after an officer saw a silver four-door vehicle turn left onto Campbell Street from Chesnut Street without signaling. The officer tried to initiate a traffic stop at Campbell and West Hampton streets, but while the officer ran the tag, the man backed up and then took off down Campbell Street. The chase continued onto Laurens and Highland streets at 50 mph before the suspect’s vehicle collided with a parked vehicle on Highland. The officer exited their patrol car and drew their Taser. The suspect exited their vehicle through the window and began yelling at the officer to shoot him. The officer ordered the man to show his hands, which he refused to do, so the officer deployed the Taser. However, the man continued not to comply and even pulled the Taser probes out of his skin. At this point, the officer dropped his Taser and handcuffed the man. A Kershaw County deputy arrived on the scene to assist. Another CPD officer arrived on the scene and discovered a handgun on the driver’s side floorboard of the suspect’s vehicle. The first officer discovered the man in possession of $1,200 cash and a single .380 caliber round of ammunition. Another officer arrived on the scene, along with an ambulance, and the man was transported to KershawHealth to be treated for difficulty breathing and high blood pressure. The S.C. Highway Patrol also arrived to investigate the collision. In addition to the money, handgun and ammunition, officer seized a wallet, bottle of Crown Royal, and two cell phones. The first officer then went to the hospital where he advised the man he was being arrested for DUI. In all, the officer cited him for DUI, marijuana possession, transporting alcohol with a broken seal, failure to stop for police vehicle, and possession of stolen property. Later, after a transfer to the county jail, officers served the man a warrant for possession of a stolen pistol.

An incident initially reported to officers as an armed robbery turned out to just be a shoplifting. Around 7:20 p.m. June 27, officers responded to the BP gas station at the corner of West DeKalb and Wylie streets and immediately began searching for a 33-year-old Camden woman described as the suspect. When they failed to locate the woman, an officer went back to the BP to talk to a clerk, who said it was a shoplifting offense. The officer alerted other units that they were not dealing with an armed robbery. The clerk said the woman had entered the store, apparently intoxicated, and trying to distract him. The clerk said he noticed the woman bend down and put a can of beer in her purse. He said he asked the woman to show him everything that was in the purse, and she claimed there was only crack cocaine inside. He then told her if she gave him back the beer, everything would be OK. Instead, she left without paying. Meanwhile, another officer spotted a door open at the old Bi-Lo across the street. That officer cleared the building, advised other officers they saw someone run out the front door and recovered a purse. The officer found the can of beer inside the purse along with a marijuana blunt. Although the report provided no details, officers also recovered a three-pack of light beer and one other can of beer, both listed as “stolen” and “recovered” on the incident form. At the time the CPD provided the report, officers had yet to arrest the woman. Online court records show she has a case pending from November 2017 involving domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature for which she was out on $10,000 bond. Officers arrested the woman at that time after responding twice the same address on Gates Street. During one of the incidents, the woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend in the back with a pocket knife.

Officers responded to a disturbance call involving a shot fired on Lee Court around 1:20 a.m. June 16. Dispatchers informed officers that a 36-year-old Cassatt man had left the scene in a silver Mercedes-Benz. An officer made contact with the vehicle at Broad and Chesnut streets, while other officers arrived on the home. There, a man said he and his girlfriend were sitting on his front porch when they saw the suspect’s vehicle drive by and stop just out of their view. They said the man began approaching his property on foot yelling obscenities and making threats to harm him, his girlfriend and his family. The man said he instructed the suspect to stay off his property, but that the man continued to walk forward and took off his shirt while threatening to harm the homeowner. At that point, the victim presented his .40 caliber Taurus handgun and again warned the suspect to stay off the property. He said the suspect said the gun probably wasn’t even loaded and continued toward him. At that point, the victim said he fired a single shot into the ground near the suspect as a warning shot. The suspect retreated, loudly voicing threats. At that point, the homeowner’s girlfriend called 911 to report the disturbance. She told officers she had received several threatening text messages from the suspect before he arrived at her boyfriend’s home. Around 5:50 p.m. that day, officers served the suspect a warrant at the county jail for unlawful communication. They also served him another warrant the next day for third-degree assault. In a separate report, the officer who stopped the suspect’s vehicle reported charging him with DUI (second offense) after failing a field sobriety test and refusing to submit to a breath test.

Officers arrested a 22-year-old Blythewood man on drug, traffic and weapons charges during the early morning hours of June 27. According to a CPD report, an officer saw Alan Law Young, 22, of Watts Lane, Blythewood traveling in a vehicle at a high rate of speed south on Broad Street. The officer estimated the vehicle traveling at 50 mph in a 35 mph zone. While trying to catch up to Young’s vehicle, the officer saw it make two large lane changes and then swerve back across into the initial traveling lane as it passed Ehrenclou Drive. The officer initiated blue lights and conducted a traffic stop at the BP station on Wall Street near the U.S. 521/Century Boulevard intersection. Young allegedly exited the vehicle as the officer drove up and had to be commanded to return to his vehicle. Young did so and the officer approached after calling for backup. They noted that Young was acting very nervous and kept saying he just wanted to get home. After confirming he had no driver’s license, the officer conducted a pat down and arrested him for the driver’s license violation, handcuffed him and had Young transported to the county jail. Afterward, while conducting an inventory of the vehicle, the officer found a small duffel bag with 58.4 grams of marijuana inside and a loaded Smith & Wesson .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol (no round was in the chamber). The officer also seized a digital scale and a small red bong with marijuana residue. In addition to not having a driver’s license, the officer charged young with speeding and possession of drug paraphernalia, with warrants pending for possession with intent to distribute marijuana and a weapon law violation.

Officers charged a 50-year-old Camden man with resisting arrest after being dispatched to an area near Wendy’s on West DeKalb Street around 10 p.m. June 18. According to a CPD report, a driver called dispatchers saying she almost hit one of three pedestrians in the roadway who was riding a bike. When officers arrived, they found that man sitting on the bike in front of NAPA Auto Parts with two other men. Officers noted that the area is known for illegal narcotic sales. As the officers approached, the men scattered in different directions, including the suspect on his bike. He would not comply with officers’ requests to stay on the scene, so one of the officers grabbed the bike seat so he couldn’t flee. The man then jumped off the bike, using it to try to block the officer, and took off on foot towards Cheap Way. The man ended up running into the front of an unmarked patrol car that had almost come to a stop in a westbound lane of West DeKalb Street. The first officer caught up to him, took him to the ground and handcuffed him, despite the man’s continued resistance. The officer reported the man appeared to be extremely sweaty and aggressive, as if under the influence of narcotics. After officers got him up off the ground, the man continued to resist by kicking his legs and swinging his elbows, and attempted to hit officers on several occasions as they searched him. They found a plastic baggie in his pocket with what turned out to be crack cocaine. He then tried to resist being placed in a patrol car. In addition to resisting arrest, officers charged him for possession of the crack cocaine.

Officers arrested a 46-year-old Camden man for DUI, open container and failing to stop for blue lights around 11:45 p.m. June 16 after an officer saw the vehicle in front of them on Haile Street cross over the center line as they crossed Lakeshore Drive. They also noticed that the Jeep’s right rear brake light failed to illuminate properly as the vehicle slowed for a stop sign on Mill Street. At that point, the officer turned on their blue lights to initiate a traffic stop at Haile and Mill streets, but the Jeep turned onto Mill Street after making an improper turn by rolling past the stop line. It then turned left on Christmas Place, after which the officer turned on their siren. The Jeep continued on to make a left turn onto Fair Street and then to the red light at West DeKalb Street. The officer, thinking the person driving the Jeep was stopping, began to exit their patrol car, only to have the Jeep cross the intersection when the light turned green. It finally turned in to the driveway at what turned out to be the driver’s address on south Fair Street. The driver and his wife exited the Jeep, and the officer handcuffed the man. Other officers arrived and found a 12-ounce open can of beer that was still more than half full. The man’s wife said the beer was her husband’s and that she kept asking her husband to stop, but he kept going in an effort to get home. The man admitted he had drunk “probably too much” and that he had been driving from Bethune. Officers also cited him for driving left of center.

Officers charged a 28-year-old Camden man wanted on a shoplifting warrant with resisting arrest after initially spotting him at Wendy’s on West DeKalb Street on the afternoon of June 23. According to a CPD report, when the man realized he’d been seen, he took off running behind the restaurant. Another officer then saw the man at a nearby apartment complex, but reported that the suspect took off as they tried to apprehend him. The officer who filed the report said they spotted the man on Goodale Avenue, un-holstered his Taser, pointed it at the man and ordered him several times to the ground. Instead, the man ran through Armory Park towards the recreation department’s gymnasium. Following a short foot chase, the man reportedly slowed to a walk as the officer presented his Taser again, giving loud commands for the suspect to get on the ground. Another officer positioned a patrol vehicle directly in front of the man’s avenue of escape. The first officer placed a handcuff on the man’s right wrist, after which the suspect became “defensively resistive” and would not give the officer his left hand to cuff. The officer applied several knee strikes to the man’s thighs, allowing him to complete handcuffing him. Officers reportedly had to overpower him because he continued to resist. Officers found nothing on his person and were able to transport the man to jail without further incident.

A 55-year-old Camden man reportedly suffered a severe laceration and possible internal injuries late on the night of June 23 after apparently being attacked by someone else in an area off Old River Road directly behind the Mona Lisa Motel. Officers arriving at the scene found a female witness and the victim, who was sitting on the ground under a tree. They noticed a large amount of blood and several scrapes on his face. In addition, they saw blood on some concrete and on a broken plastic and metal chair. They also found several articles of ripped clothing. Officers spoke to one man at a nearby bar, but could not directly connect him to the assault. That man, in turn, said they saw another man leaving the motel around the time of the attack.

An officer arrested and charged a 19-year-old Cassatt man for leaving the scene of an accident late on the night of June 4 after he allegedly backed his truck into a rental vehicle in the parking lot of Circle K on North Broad Street. After receiving information about the truck and possible driver, the subject returned to the scene and exited his truck, appearing to be unsteady on his feet. The officer spoke to the man and noted an odor of alcohol and slurred speech. The man claimed he had left the scene in order to take a friend home. Another officer conducted a field sobriety test and determined the man needed to be charged with leaving the scene of the accident, hit and run and DUI.

An officer charged an Elgin man he had already arrested for public disorderly conduct with threatening him. According to the officer’s report, he responded to Walmart just before 1 a.m. June 12 because the man was allegedly standing outside the store begging people for money. The officer located the man and found him smelling strongly of an alcoholic beverage and observed him to be unsteady on his feet. After arresting the man, the officer transported him to the county jail. On the way, he reported that the man made several threatening statements regarding his safety. The officer also trespassed the man from Walmart.

Someone entered the Kershaw County Aquatic Center on Battleship Road between 7 p.m. June 2 and 8:30 a.m. June 3 and stole three fanny packs containing medical supplies used by lifeguards and destroyed a surveillance camera. Managers also found the wrapper to a popsicle that appeared to have been eaten, along with the following items they could not account for: an American flag, a pair of black pants, a towel, and a half-filled gallon jug of sweet tea with an Olive Garden logo printed on it.

On June 7, a man who recently moved some possessions to a home on Hunt Cup Lane reported that three of his pistols went missing around the time of the move. He said he had placed the pistols on the top shelf of a closet and then was in the hospital for a day. When he returned, he said, the pistols were gone.

A 47-year-old woman allegedly called Camden City Hall multiple times during a short time span and appeared to be speaking in a threatening manner. One employee said the same woman had called city hall a couple of weeks earlier threatening to “beat her ***.” The threats appeared to be in response to some issue as a city utility customer.

A woman leaving the Jackson Teen Center on a recent evening said she saw a boy and a girl jump the fence into the Kershaw County School District bus parking lot and get on a bus. They later ran off behind a house in the direction of the old Bi-Lo shopping center. Two district employees came to the scene later and reported damage to one of the buses.

Officers cited a woman living on Kamschatka Lane for indecent exposure after an officer responding to another call in the area spotted her sitting on a folding chair in front of her home, in full view of neighbors, completely naked on the evening of June 7.

A 71-year-old woman from Lancaster, described in a CDP report as “homeless living in her vehicle in the Walmart parking lot,” reported that she noticed her .38 caliber revolver had been taken sometime during the day on June 15.

Camden officers also dealt with recent incidents involving burglary, communicating threats, DUI, failure to surrender suspended tag, alleged first-degree domestic violence, fraud, harassment, larceny, marijuana possession, obscene/harassing telephone calls, open container, possession of drug paraphernalia, possible theft from a building, public disorderly conduct, shoplifting, third-degree assault, third-degree domestic violence, teller machine or transaction card fraud, trespassing, using a motor vehicle without consent, and vandalism.

Elgin Police Department (EPD)

An Elgin officer cited a 33-year-old Hopkins woman for several violations on the afternoon of June 17 after spotting her not wearing her seatbelt while driving her Mazda 6 south on Main Street. According to an EPD report, the car had an expired 45-day temporary tag and the woman was driving with a suspended driver’s license and no insurance on the car. She also said she purchased the car off Facebook. The officer smelled the odor of burnt marijuana while questioning the woman and she admitted to smoking some about 45 minutes earlier. The officer had her sit in the back of their patrol car and, after conducting a search of her vehicle, found some pieces of marijuana and cigar paper. Reportedly, the woman later admitted that she had broken up the marijuana and paper while the officer was stopping her in the hopes of hiding it. A search of her purse revealed two black digital scales that the woman claimed she used to weigh the marijuana she purchased to make sure she was getting what she paid for. The officer later learned this was the woman’s fourth offense for driving under suspension. At the scene, however, he cited her for driving under suspension, operating an uninsured vehicle, failure to register (45 day violation) and possession of drug paraphernalia, and released her from the scene.

That same afternoon, June 17, an officer stopped another driver -- a 22-year-old Elgin man -- for not wearing a seatbelt and detected the odor of raw marijuana coming from inside the GMC Yukon. When the man hesitantly began retrieving his registration from the glove box, the officer spotted approximately 6 grams of marijuana and a multi-colored smoking pipe. The officer cited him for marijuana possession (simple) and possession of drug paraphernalia, and released him from the scene as well.

The EPD also reported the following other recent incidents:

Officers charged a 50-year-old Elgin woman with resisting arrest after being called to Green Hill Road because the woman had allegedly been lying down, intoxicated, in someone’s yard around 8:15 p.m. June 21. Arriving in the area, officers encountered the woman a few yards from Potter Community Park. Officers reported she appeared so intoxicated that she paid no attention to them when they first tried to speak to her and that she tried to walk away. It wasn’t until they tried to arrest and handcuff her for public disorderly conduct that she reportedly began to react, pulling away from the officers. After successfully cuffing her, they began to escort her to a patrol car, but she being trying to fall down and pull away. Once they got her to the patrol car, officers took away from her two Fireball Whiskey mini-bottles with their seals broken. After getting her to sit in the back of the patrol car, one of the officers asked the woman for her name; she refused to give it and began cursing at them. The woman then reportedly slid out of the seat, trying to fall on the ground again. As the officers began getting her back into the car, she allegedly spit on one of their arms and then to spit everywhere. Once successfully placed in the car, she allegedly spat on the front seat where the one of the officers would sit. She then allegedly began spitting everywhere again, including through the left side of the cage separating the front and back seats and under the fiberglass, hitting the officer’s neck and uniform. She refused to comply with requests to stop spitting, doing so all the way to the county jail. She also allegedly used vulgar language and said she would get the Hell Angels Motorcycle Club to kill the officer. Officers ultimately charged her with resisting arrest, throwing bodily fluids on an employee by prisoners, malicious injury to personal property and public disorderly conduct. According to online jail records, a municipal judge set a total bond of more than $12,000.

Late on the night of June 5, an officer conducting a check of Blaney Baptist Church found a 47-year-old Travelers Rest man sleeping in a stairwell. Dispatchers alerted the officer that the man was wanted out of Darlington County for failing to register as a sex offender. The officer took the man into custody and transported him to the county jail where a hold was placed on him for Darlington County.

Sometime between midnight June 1 and about 1:40 p.m. June 6, someone stole a large, brown oak china closet from a storage unit on Main Street.

Elgin officers also dealt with recent cases involving a collision on private property, DUI, driving under suspension, emergency protective custody of a confused adult, expired vehicle license, driving under suspension, family dispute, found property, hit and run, larceny, marijuana possession, missing person, no driver’s license, open container, operating an uninsured vehicle, possession of drug paraphernalia, public consumption of alcohol, public disorderly conduct, shoplifting, trespassing, unlawful carry of a firearm, and a welfare check.

Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO)

The KCSO reported deputies recently dealt with incidents involving marijuana possession and public disorderly conduct.

(An edited version of the Camden Police Department reports listed in this article was published in the print edition of the Chronicle-Independent on July 3, 2018. Due to space considerations, the C-I was unable to publish the Elgin Police Department reports or list of Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office incidents.)

(Incident reports are provided by the Camden and Elgin police departments and are a matter of public record under the S.C. Freedom of Information Act. If the C-I makes a mistake, it will correct it upon verification with the appropriate law enforcement agency. Readers are cautioned that other individuals may have similar or identical names as those contained in incident reports. All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


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