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Letter: Wake up to state of nation, planet

Posted: July 12, 2018 3:10 p.m.
Updated: July 13, 2018 1:00 a.m.

Hopefully, we’ll wake up to the state of our nation and our planet. Maybe you, as many others, watched and listened for news about the search and rescue of the Thai soccer team and their coach. I’d check on them prior to going to bed, again with my first cup of coffee; and, as the boys were actually coming out of the cave, I’d check in during the day.

The world came together to save the boys without the lingering hand-shakes for photos and all the other pomp and ceremony of the two insatiable egos strutting the world stage at the Singapore Kim-Trump Summit. The difference is that no one disputed the boys and their coach were on the edge of death. While we continue to deny that we as human beings are likewise on the edge of devastation as we hold steadfast in our refusal to put our greedy egos aside and work together to save ourselves from nuclear and/or environmental death -- perhaps a slow death, not as sudden as a drowning, but death nonetheless. If we’re paying attention, we know of the fires, the floods, the droughts, the steadily rising global temperature, the wars, the continued development of the military death machine, the militarization of the planet, the gift and sale of weapons of death worldwide as if it were a necessity, the plan for a Space Military Force; plus, the shameless murder of people and animals by civilians in a quest for redemption, headlines, an adrenalin rush, and/or trophies.

How close are we to nuclear-environmental destruction? We are like the boys following our leader into a cave, one that we’ve explored before with other leaders and came out without nuclear burns. Others burned? Yes; the U.S.A.? No. We, the U.S.A., have built a world-wide chain of military bases. We have enough nuclear weapons to destroy Planet Earth many times. Some must be asking, “Is that enough? Don’t we need more?’ I find no pride in our insatiable desire to invent, create, and use more weapons of destruction.

We’ve been at war in the Middle East for 17 years. We left Korea and Vietnam without a victory. With all our power and might, it’s hard to gain and hold the upper hand on their territory. Historically, many world powers depleted their countries financial resources by financing wars. War will -- if it hasn’t already -- become obsolete. The possibility of nuclear war makes any war a Pandora’s box.

We are such intelligent people. Nature is trying ever so hard to wake us up to the stark realities of the misuse and abuse of land, water and the air we breathe. We can work with each other and other countries as did Thailand. First, we must accept the fact that we’re in as much danger as those boys, only we refuse to see the rising water and acknowledge the danger. I don’t think we’re in a coma only a deep comfortable sleep. Waking up, should we choose to wake up, will be painful. Change is often hard and painful. It is possible! We can do it! If we don’t, our choices may be an irreversible nightmare. We may wake up to “Oh, what a beautiful world we had!” and “God blessed America; we took its splendor for granted.” What a shame! We ignored the warnings!”  Nature says, “please don’t!”


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