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Crime Report - July 24, 2018

Deputies deal with ‘total chaos’ at Liberty Hill residence

Posted: July 23, 2018 4:28 p.m.
Updated: July 24, 2018 1:00 a.m.

Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO)

A county deputy described having to deal with a number of family members and their friends at a Hammond Road, Liberty Hill, residence on Independence Day as ‘total chaos.” According to a KCSO report, deputies ended up arresting five Heath Springs men, including a man and at least one of his sons after responding to a vandalism call around 6:20 p.m. July 4.

According to online court records, the men’s ages are 48, 28, 25, 23 and 22.

According to the report, the deputy arriving on the scene noticed the 48-year-old leaning on and heard him hit the back of the truck while another of the men tried to calm him down. The deputy then conferred with the man’s wife who said her husband came home drunk and threw a cinder block at her SUV. She said when she confronted him, he pushed her. She said her niece then confronted her husband, only to have him choke her and tell her what was happening was none of her business.

As the women told the deputy their story, the victim’s husband reportedly started cursing and began to walk toward the deputy. When the deputy told him to just stand by, he refused, after which the deputy went over and advised him to put his hands behind his back. At this point, the man’s 22-year-old son rushed up telling the deputy he was not going to arrest his father. The older man asked the deputy to hear his side of the story, and the deputy said he tried to multiple times, but that the scene was devolving into “total chaos.”

Another deputy arrived on the scene and the two of them managed to handcuff the 48-year-old. While trying to get more information from him, his son continued to cause “all kinds of trouble.” While a third deputy tried to explain to the older man why he was being arrested, his son reportedly “just kept getting in the way and just would not stop.” The first deputy then walked up to the 22-year-old and told him he needed to go, only to, allegedly, have the young man push him. When the deputy went to grab his arm, he snatched away, but the deputy managed to grab him and drag him to a patrol car.

At that point, the other men started charging toward him. The deputy described all of the people involved as being “very intoxicated” and wrote in his report that one of the deputies had to use a Taser on one of the other men.

“Everyone that hindered us for doing our job was arrested,” the deputy wrote. “The best way to describe this scene for officers was total chaos.” He said the man’s wife apologized for her sons’ actions, adding that she had never seen her boys act that way.

Deputies ultimately charged the 48-year-old man with third-degree assault and battery, and third-degree domestic violence. They charged the 22-year-old with interfering with officers, third-degree assault and battery by mob resulting in bodily injury, and public disorderly conduct. The 23-year-old Heath Springs man faces the same charges plus an additional one for resisting arrest. Deputies charged the 25- and 28-year-old men with interfering with officers and public disorderly conduct.

The KCSO also reported the following other recent incidents:

Deputies arrested a 30-year-old Bethune man after being called to a King Street East residence around 6:40 a.m. July 8 in reference to shots being fired at a home and someone screaming in the back yard. A deputy arriving on the scene reported making contact with other deputies who were trying to talk to the man and his father. As soon as the man saw the deputy, he reportedly became irate, hitting things with his right hand and tried to get up in an aggressive manner as if to attack the deputy. The deputy reported that they determined the man was under the influence of some type of narcotic. They also reported that the man had already destroyed a door, window and hallway, and also called through the attic for no reason. Before deputies arrived, he allegedly ran through the neighbor’s yard with a shotgun, firing it because he thought his wife was inside, screaming. The neighbors told deputies this is an ongoing issue and they are in fear for their lives. At that point, deputies went to arrest the man for public disorderly conduct. He refused three sets of verbal commands to turn around and place his hands behind his back, leading the reporting deputy to point his Taser at him. The man reportedly refused to comply and kept reaching toward his right back pocket. Not knowing if the man had a weapon, and because he refused to stop reaching in that direction, the reporting deputy stepped on the man’s arm to immobilize it. It then took two deputies to handcuff the man once he was placed on his stomach. He then reportedly admitted that he fired the shotgun in an effort to wake up his wife. The man’s father told deputies that his son does not have a wife, but a girlfriend, and that she was not even at the home. Due to his not complying with any commands, deputies dry stunned him for 1 second so he could be handcuffed. After getting the man to a patrol car, a deputy found a silver case in the man’s left back pocket containing two different baggies that field tested positive for methamphetamine, weighing 1.7 grams. Deputies also found a light green substance in a clear wrapper that was tested later by an on-call investigator. The reporting deputy then transported the man to the county jail where the man allegedly made a threat “to beat my a**” to the deputy when he gets out of handcuffs. According to online court records, deputies charged the man with public disorderly conduct, and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. The deputy’s report also listed possible charge of resisting arrest.

Deputies arrested a 27-year-old Camden man on six different charges following a call around 6:30 a.m. July 4 in reference to a suspicious vehicle stopped in road at Brewer Springs and Cleveland School roads off Bishopville Highway with a man unconscious behind the wheel. Upon arrival, the reporting deputy found the vehicle running and in drive. They beat on the window and the driver woke up. He rolled down the window and the deputy immediately noticed an open can of light beer in the cup holder. Another deputy arrived on the scene, asked the man to step out of the vehicle and patted him down. After detaining the man and because of the open container in plain sight, the deputies searched the vehicle and found a black Smith & Wesson .40 caliber pistol under the driver’s seat and an open bottle of liquor on the passenger seat. The man’s license came back as suspended and the gun stolen out of Columbia, Ga. Another search of the man revealed he was in possession of a bag of suspected marijuana. Deputies charged him with unlawful carrying of a pistol, possession of a stolen pistol, marijuana possession, transporting alcohol in a motor vehicle with a broken seal, public disorderly conduct, and driving under suspension (second offense).

County deputies also dealt with recent incidents involving assault and battery (first- and third-degree), breach of peace, breach of trust (including for fraudulent intent more than $10,000), marijuana possession, obtaining property under false pretenses less than $2,000, public disorderly conduct, third-degree burglary, and trespassing.

Camden Police Department (CPD)

Camden police officers arrested a 35-year-old Camden woman following separate incidents reported on July 8.
According to the first report, sometime between 3:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. that day, the woman allegedly entered a red Chevy Blazer parked at a Railroad Avenue address and stole a wallet containing the victim’s driver’s license, debit card, credit card, library card, Social Security card and $143 cash. Members of the victim’s family and other witnesses identified the 35-year-old as the potential suspect, especially after she showed up at one of their homes asking for money. According to the reporting officer, the woman is known to ask many people -- even police officers and dispatchers -- for money when encountering them in public.

Around the same time as that officer finished taking statements from people on Railroad Avenue, other officers responded to a call that “an aggressive panhandler” was preventing customers from using the ATM at Wells Fargo on DeKalb Street by asking for money and digging through the ATM’s trash can. Witnesses described the suspect as a woman wearing the same clothing as the suspect from the Dusty Bend area.

As an officer pulled into the Wells Fargo parking lot, a 911 caller pointed to a brown Chevy car leaving the lot. The officer caught up and initiated a traffic stop at Market and DeKalb streets, and the Chevy pulled into First Palmetto’s parking lot. Upon approach, the officer found the suspect sitting in the passenger seat. When they asked her to exit the vehicle, and as she shifted her legs to get out, the officer could see at least three debit cards underneath her she appeared to be trying to hide. When the officer went to frisk her for weapons, she initially complied, but then refused and jumped back onto the car’s passenger seat. She then ignored further commands to exit the vehicle.

The officer tried to pull her out of the car by her arm, but she snatched away and pushed herself onto the driver, a 32-year-old woman who was not arrested. The officer then pulled out his electronic control device and she complied with another order to get out of the car. However, when he re-holstered the device, she sat back down. At that point, the officer used what is known as a “transport wrist lock” to remove her from the car and handcuff her.

She claimed the debit cards belonged to a cousin. The officer seized them and then went to pat her down. When they did, they felt the edge of what seemed to be a blunt object in her left pocket. The woman immediately began resisting again and another officer had to assist to control her enough to retrieve what turned out to be a 3-ounce sanitizer bottle and a clear pipe, or stem, used for inhaling illegal narcotics. Officers found another stem hidden in the sock of her left foot. Also on her person, officers found various debit and other cards, driver’s licenses, and other forms of identification belonging to multiple persons.

Officers transported her to jail and charged her with possession of stolen goods, possession of drug paraphernalia, financial transaction card theft and resisting arrest. The reporting officer indicated the KCSO may also press charges for incidents in their jurisdiction.

The CPD also reported the following other recent incidents:

Officers arrested a 36-year-old man for second-degree domestic violence after responding to a Wilder Street residence around 1:30 p.m. June 6. According to a CPD report, officers -- who had visited the home for previous domestic disturbance calls -- arrived and knocked on the door, but no one answered it for about 20 seconds. At that point, the man’s 30-year-old wife opened the door, still on the phone with dispatchers and stepped outside. The reporting officer wrote that the woman had blood and fresh scratches on both her cheeks. She said her husband had assaulted her and was still inside, sitting in the living room. The officer opened the door and found the man sitting in a recliner with a small child in his lap. He initially refused to get up when ordered to do so by the officer, but finally did so, angrily, after being told to multiple times. He claimed his wife attacked him with a dinner plate during an argument over a sandwich. The man’s wife -- whose nose began to bleed as the right side of her face swelled up -- said she had been lying on the couch when her husband grabbed the sandwich and began physically shoving it in her mouth while holding her done before punching her on the right side of her face and throwing her to the floor. At this point, the officer placed the husband under arrest and had him transported by other officers to the county jail. Afterward, the victim continued to explain that her husband had also taken her phone away from her so she could not call 911, but she was able to get his phone away from him to do so before locking herself in the laundry room.

A woman living on Church Street said her younger sister never returned a car she let her use to drive to a nearby gas station on the night of July 13. While an officer was at the woman’s home, they spoke with the sister, who claimed she would return shortly, but did not. The sister called back a short time later and claimed the car had broken down near Arby’s and then stopped calling or answering calls made to her. Officers did not find the vehicle near Arby’s. The incident report indicated the car was later recovered, but did not provide details. No charges appear to have been filed.

McDonald’s on East DeKalb Street fired a 37-year-old Columbia woman after she confessed to pocketing about $15 while taking cash from customers who had paid for food on July 15. She also allegedly did not charge one customer for an order. No charges were filed, but management was still reviewing security footage as of the time of the report.

A 19-year-old Lugoff woman allegedly used both feet to kick a nurse in KershawHealth’s emergency department around 10:45 p.m. July 8 while the nurse and other medical staff were trying to evaluate her after she was brought in reportedly under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

A 31-year-old man allegedly nearly struck six juveniles with a vehicle while leaving Chesnut Street residence on July 14. The juveniles told one of their parents that they had to jump out of the way or they would have been struck. No arrests appear to have been made in the case.

Officers arrested a 43-year-old woman for third-degree domestic violence and her 30-year-old boyfriend for second-degree domestic violence after injuring each other during a fight at the Mona Lisa motel on West DeKalb Street during the early morning hours of July 19.

Officers charged a 50-year-old Shelby, N.C., man with DUI (drugs) and possession of drug paraphernalia following a two-vehicle collision at Walmart’s DeKalb Street entrance around 1:30 p.m. July 20.

Someone kicked in the back door to a Douglas Street apartment sometime before 6 p.m. July 9, and stole approximately $200 in cash from the victim’s son’s piggy bank and a small necklace.

Someone managed to steal 30 hydrocodone pills from a medicine cart at the Karesh Long-Term Care Center on Roberts Street sometime between July 21 and July 23.

Someone stole $1,000 worth of collectible coins from a spot hidden behind some clothes in a closet at a Crickle Creek Lane residence sometime between July 11 and 15.

Someone stole an $800 black sport mountain bike from the garage of a Pine Street residence sometime between midnight and 2:45 p.m. July 7.

Someone stole about $500 from a spot hidden behind a desk at Everyday Gourmet on North Broad Street sometime between May 18 and July 16.

Camden officers also dealt with recent incidents involving counterfeiting/forgery, DUI, larceny, malicious injury to property, possession of drug paraphernalia, public disorderly conduct, shoplifting, tampering with a motor vehicle, theft from a building, theft from a motor vehicle, third-degree assault, third-degree domestic violence, trespassing, and vandalism.

Elgin Police Department (EPD)

An officer cited a 23-year-old Elgin woman for marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia after being dispatched to the traffic light at Church and Main streets for someone sleeping at the wheel of their vehicle early on the morning of July 14. The officer found a Chevy Malibu in the second lane of Church Street at the intersection with the brake lights on. When they approached the vehicle, they found the woman asleep in the driver’s seat with her foot on the brake, but the car in drive. They then smelled the odor of marijuana coming through a window that was partly open. The officer had the woman get out of the car so he could move both her car and his patrol vehicle out of the roadway. While conducting a search of the car, the officer found a purse with a plastic toy baby bottle inside containing 1.5 grams of marijuana. The officer also found a grinder and digital scale. Following a field sobriety test, the officer determined she was not driving under the influence, but was exhausted. He cited her for the marijuana and paraphernalia and allowed her to leave the scene after she was picked up by someone else.

The EPD also reported the following other recent incidents:

As of Sunday, Elgin officers were searching for a woman, possibly in her 30s, who allegedly rear-ended a vehicle being driven by a Kershaw woman. The suspect’s vehicle is described as a blue Ford Explorer with front end damage. A little after 3 p.m., the Kershaw woman, with her mother in the vehicle, was about to turn her 2008 PT Cruiser on to Elgin Drive from Smyrna Road when the Explorer rear-ended her. The victim said the suspect got out of the Explorer, checked on them and then started cursing at them before driving off. Both the victim and her mother were transported to KershawHealth for treatment of back pain.

A tractor trailer pulling a portion of a double-wide mobile home got tangled in a set of cables running across Sessions Road around 12:30 p.m. July 10. The incident caused the vehicle and home to block about two-thirds of the roadway for a time. It also caused one of the cables to actually cut through part of the mobile home, slicing under the roof for approximately 10 to 15 feet back into the home. This, in turn, caused a power pole to lean, causing damage to an electric transforming, making it spark, causing a small fire that was quickly put out.

An EPD officer asked the driver, from Sumter, what happened. He said the line was lower than anticipated and that they should have been at least 17 feet above the roadway. The driver climbed a ladder and cut the lines free in order to untangle them from inside the mobile home under the roof -- they had already unraveled.

Elgin officers also dealt with recent incidents involving counterfeiting/forgery, disregarding a stop sign, hit and run, no driver’s license, open container, possession of drug paraphernalia, and a prowler.

(Incident reports are provided by the Camden and Elgin police departments and the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office and are a matter of public record under the S.C. Freedom of Information Act. If the C-I makes a mistake, it will correct it upon verification with the appropriate law enforcement agency. Readers are cautioned that other individuals may have similar or identical names as those contained in incident reports. All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


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