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Letter: Tips for a successful school year

Posted: October 29, 2018 3:58 p.m.
Updated: October 30, 2018 1:00 a.m.

As I have done every year, I offer these tips and ABC’s of school life to help Kershaw County students realize and achieve a successful school year:

Some “ABC’s” to ponder:

A -- Attitude: Attitude will surely get you into trouble if not handled properly. Keep a positive attitude at all times. Begin the school year with good impressions because impressions last a long time and they are remembered, especially by teachers. Mainain a good healthy attitude through the school year -- you won’t regret it!

B -- Bullying: It may be verbal, in the form of put-downs or name calling. It may be emotional, such as excluding people from activities, or it can be in the form of threats, intimidation or even spreading rumors.

C -- Consequences: Think about your choices, make the choice your best. You are responsible for your decision and actions, good or bad. Things just don’t happen; you make them happen.

D -- Drugs: Using illegal drugs can keep you off focus from reaching short and long term goals, well as present personal, family, even school and legal problems.

E -- Education: Education is very important. It has been projected in the next 8-10 years, a person would have to have a college or junior college degree to get a job at a fast food place. We often hear these important words: “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

F -- Future: Please seriously think about the future. Now is the present, next will be the future. Time does not wait on us. Give much time and attention to the present; the future will take care of itself.

G -- Gang: A gang is a group of persons associated or acting together for unlawful or antisocial purposes.

H -- Honor: Public esteem, respect, or achievement. An academic distinction conferred upon a superior student.

I -- Intelligence: Intelligence is the ability to learn and understand or deal with new or trying situatios.

J -- Justice: Justice is the quality of being just, impartial or fair.

K -- Kind: Kind is having the will to do good and to bring happiness to others.

L -- Live: You live what you learn. Learning is a life-long process.

M -- Mind: “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” as a person once said. “If you do not use it, you will lose it.”

N -- Nice: Be nice, pleasing and respectable. Those traits will make your educational journey easier and more enjoyable.

O -- Obey: Follow the rules and commands, especially those of your school and teacher.

P -- Peer Pressure: Peer pressure comes in two forms, positive and negative.

Q -- Quality: Qaulity is a degree of excellence, essential character or superior in kind.

R -- Respect: High or special regard.

S -- School: An institution for learning. These words are associated with the experiences of scholarship, money, attendance, memory and study hall.

T -- Teachers: Teachers/instructors tell or show the fundamentals or skills of something.

U -- Umpire: An official in sports who rules on plays, or one who has authority to make a final decision on controversy between two parties.

V -- Value: The value of an education. How much is it worth?

W -- Warn: Want to put on guard or notify in advance.

X -- X-ray: One can examine, treat or photograph with x-rays.

Y -- Youth: Youth is a period between childhood and maturity, a state of being young, fresh or vigorous.

Z -- Zoo: A zoo is a collection of living animals for public display.

Here are some other thoughts to ponder:

• Join a team, school club or service organization. Such groups offer instruction and have positive rules to be followed. Seek out community-based activities and after school enrichment programs. This is important.

• Tap into the power of prayer and meditation. Seek guidance and support daily through a brief prauyer or moment of meditation.

• Look out for bullying. Bullying consists of deliberate and repeated aggression aimed at a person with the conscious aim and desire of hurting someone. The basis for this is the misuse and abuse of power.

• If you are attending school and playing sports, please remember that you are known as a student athlete. School work is just as important as sports. Please take the challenges and responsibilities of both seriously.

Finally, remember that people around you make your reputation – but you make up your character.


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