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Addicted America

Posted: October 6, 2011 11:12 a.m.
Updated: October 7, 2011 5:00 a.m.

Our great country has won many of its battles and countless wars, but the never-ending war we can’t seem to win is the war on drugs. This war was embarked upon some several years ago, when the president at the time, community leaders, and citizens of the general public became alarmed at the impact these said drugs were imposing on society.

Violent crime was increasing, companies were suffering because of the unproductive, stoned-out employees, and the moral fiber of the American family was being attacked by the enemy who had cunningly disguised itself as one of the families’ members. So war was pronounced, and its initial target was your internationally known street drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, and the forever menacing marijuana.

Now these drugs, and the inner city thugs who peddled and used them, seemed for certain to be the solution to what plagued our communities; get rid of the drugs and the thugs who sold them and our problems would be solved. Although the plan seemed quite reasonable, a lot of the details were never thought through entirely. So then after years of undercover drug stings, rehabilitation centers, and an overwhelming increase of the population of inmates in the department of corrections, the war continues with no apparent end in sight.

Fast forward to the present and instead of a decrease in drugs and the accessibility of them, they seem to have evolved along with technology, and fashion, and they’re even being described as designer drugs. Where they were once isolated to the inner city slums, you can now go to a local store and find a guy with something for you to get high on. Not only have Americans become relaxed with the concept of drug use, it is actually glamorized in movies and television. Some of the more popular stars themselves obtain a level of popularity through their party style, drug-involved lifestyles while off camera, and it’s all cool until somebody gets high until they die.

Now it appears as if the medical, psychiatric, and pharmaceutical communities have all jumped aboard this cash cow. So for everything that ails you there is a drug for it. Got a runny nose, sounds like sinusitis? I guess a prescription of Benadryl will cure that. Backache from a hard day at work? Some Oxycontin will knock that right out. Oh! And God forbid you get a little stressed out about bills, family, and the everyday woes of everyday living. Have no cares, Cymbalta is here. Sure, there are some legitimate reasons to be taking medications (aka) drugs, but when your local drug dealer is the local pharmacy, you may need an intervention.

Let’s toughen up, America, because if the drugs don’t kill you, the side effects will. There’s no need winning wars abroad when we can’t win our civilians’ war on drugs.


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