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'Risen': 3 points for parents

Points for parents

February 21, 2016 | Shawn O'Neill Deseret News | National

The thing that can kill your iPhone isn’t just that random date in 1970

By now, you’ve probably heard about the date that you shouldn’t enter into your iPhone. Reports surfaced this week that putting the date Jan. 1, 1970, into your time and date settings would permanently crash your Apple device. Some have said this specific date refers to the start of Unix time, which is how developers track time. Putting in the date confuses your phone and forces it to crash.

February 21, 2016 | Herb Scribner Deseret News | National

Five for Families: Films to celebrate National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Here are five movies from various platforms families may want to consider as recommended by the Because not all are appropriate for younger children, age recommendations are included.

February 21, 2016 | Caresa Alexander Randall Deseret News | National

Modern movie trailers tastelessly push the boundaries

Sitting in a movie theater a couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were enduring the long lineup of trailers that always precedes the feature — a lineup that seems to be exponentially growing, by the way.

February 21, 2016 | Chris Hicks Deseret News | National

10 signs you're in the best relationship ever

You're in love. Or you think you are. You've been together for a long time; well, it seems like a long time. Are you sure that this is the one? Here are some simple signs that you're in the best relationship of your life:

February 21, 2016 | Jenna Koford FamilyShare | National

Dying twin holds his sister’s hand in special sonogram

A pregnant mother carrying twins was told one of her unborn children wouldn’t make it, but she was comforted in a special way.

February 21, 2016 | Nick Anderson Deseret News | National

5 true stories that were major movies in 2015 are now on video

Five movies of true stories have been released this week on Blu-ray and DVD.

February 21, 2016 | Chris Hicks Deseret News | National

9 awesome reasons you should stop washing your hair

With the "No Poo" movement sweeping the nation you might be wondering what is with all these hippies who would rather smell like a grease-ball instead of wash their hair. However, you might be surprised to discover that the dazzling locks you've been lusting after are a result of skipping the shampoo. Believe it or not, not washing your hair could actually be the best thing for it. Here are 11 reasons why you should throw your bottle of shampoo in the garbage can.

February 21, 2016 | Melinda Fox FamilyShare | National

19 signs you have the best sister ever

If you have a sister, you should consider yourself the luckiest person in the world. They are those friends who don’t just drift into your life for a few years – they're around for a lifetime. Sisters are the best type of friends. (I should know. I have four.)

February 21, 2016 | Amberlee Lovell FamilyShare | National

Have You Seen This? Mobile roller coaster

THE PARADE — I love roller coasters. I wouldn't call myself a roller coaster aficionado — mainly because I'm not arrogant enough to ever reference myself as an aficionado of anything — but I do love a good roller coaster. That may be why I was so drawn to this video.

February 21, 2016 | John Clyde | National

The sad realities of prescription drug abuse

Prescription medications are part of millions of Americans’ daily existence — at least 60 percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. While medications can be helpful and even life-saving, some are addictive and have a high abuse potential.

February 21, 2016 | Amy Rothermel Deseret News | National

Drone captures aerial view of abandoned amusement park

AURORA, Ohio — Almost a decade after it closed, people still miss an amusement park in Ohio.

February 21, 2016 | Natalie Crofts | National

Things to consider before removing a structural wall

One of the most common requests we hear these days is to design an open floor plan to create a great room that houses areas for the kitchen, dining and living areas. Such a request generally involves removing walls. How simple this process is depends on whether or not the wall is "structural," which means that the wall is part of the structural design of the home and is supporting the load (weight) of the floor and/or roof above.

February 21, 2016 | Annie Schwemmer and Ann Robinson Deseret News | National

How to monitor your child’s phone even if the FBI can’t

The FBI’s attempt to get Apple to unlock an iPhone has, so far at least, proved fruitless.

February 21, 2016 | Herb Scribner Deseret News | National

Have You Seen This? Jurassic horse park

THE PARK — In the Have You Seen This section, we sometimes deliver heartwarming videos, funny videos, powerful video or terrifying videos. This video is none of those things. This video is all out ridiculous and I love it.

February 21, 2016 | John Clyde | National

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