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Bethunes Drakeford is trucking companys 2015 Driver of the Year
Harrison Drakeford - Award Web

A.N. Webber Logistics Inc., a transportation, logistics and warehousing firm headquartered in Kankakee, Ill., recently named Harrison Drakeford of Bethune as the 2015 winner of its Sam Kinder Driver of the Year Award.”

Drakeford works out of Webber’s McBee satellite terminal.

“Ironically, Harrison was the first trainee Sam Kinder trained,” Webber President Alan N. Webber said in a press release. “Harrison has been with the company collectively for over 20 years now. He and his wife, Tama, have one son and three grandchildren. He routinely surpasses our safety and on-time metrics ... so much so that we were surprised he hadn’t won the award before.”

Webber went on to say Drakeford’s cooperation with Webber’s dispatchers is “second to none” going anywhere he is needed at any time, often stretching out his time away from home to help out operations.

“In his 20-plus years, there simply is never an issue with Mr. Drakeford. Sam must have taught you right, Harrison. He’s got to be as proud of you as we are,” Webber said.