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Camden: Classically Carolina returning this spring
Camden city magazine to publish in late May
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The city of Camden and Camden Media Co. will jointly publish Camden: Classically Carolina magazine in late May. Celebrating the announcement (from left) are Camden Media Co. General Manager Betsy Greenway, Camden Economic/Tourism Development Director Suzi Sale and Editor Martha Bruce.
In a joint statement today, the city of Camden and Camden Media Company announced plans to again publish Camden: Classically Carolina magazine to market the city of Camden. Camden: Classically Carolina, which showcases and highlights people, places, amenities and events unique and special to the city of Camden, will utilize all federally registered branding graphics, style guides, logos, icons, monikers and message points especially created during the development of the city’s strategic marketing and tourism development plan. In addition to being utilized in this magazine, the city is using the Classically Carolina brand message on signage, billboards, advertisements, letterhead and more.