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Camden girl, 12, starts business after hardship
Kylah Johnson
Kylah Johnson

Kylah Johnson of Camden is a designer and CEO of jewelry company Twine Designs at the tender age of 12. Kylah’s company, designs TicTocRings, a line of tween girl’s fashion watch rings.

The idea for TicTocRings came to Kylah after she decided she was going to change her family’s predicament. She began talking to her aunt about helping her to start a girl’s jewelry fashion line. She and her aunt soon came up with the idea of creating a line of watch rings incorporating different designs and color schemes and also appeal to tween girls.

However, Kylah’s aunt was not much of an artist, so Kylah, who could draw very well, became the designer and CEO.

Kylah sought to create a piece of jewelry for tweens to which she could add her own artistry. After her aunt had two prototypes made, Kylah choose the watch ring which would allow her to incorporate her original art designs.

It was her goal to appeal to every girl’s unique personality and sense of style with different design themes, including hearts, butterflies, peace signs and initials.

 Kylah’s dedication and willingness to learn the promotion and marketing aspects of her business helped to get her product into the market place fairly quickly. Kylah made her first sales pitch to a manufacturing representative from Toy Travelers in NC. The company’s reps quickly requested samples of the watch rings after seeing pictures of them via email. They said they were elated by how novel the rings were and decided to represent the line.

Kylah continues to use her unique style of sales pitching and is having much success. She is working to build a strong and financially sound business so that one day in the near future she will be able to offer her jewelry line to major retailers like Walmart and Target.

(Information and photograph provided by Twine Designs.)