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DCG reorganizes as Camden Business Alliance
Business Guild Members
Board members of the former Downtown Camden Guild, now known as the Camden Business Alliance, include (from left to right) Connie Beccue, Menagerie Antiques; Jonathan Bazinet, Sam Kendalls restaurant; Patricia Richardson, Camden Antiques Market; Christine Anton, TenEleven Galleria; and Gail Carter, First Community Bank. Not pictured are board members Dot Goodwin, Artists Attic; and Jackie Sutton, First Community Bank.

With the new year, the Downtown Camden Guild (DCG) is renaming itself the Camden Business Alliance (CBA) and will no longer limit membership to downtown business owners or even to just merchants. The original DCG formed in September 2009 with the purpose of giving downtown merchants a stronger voice in local matters.

CBA’s board of directors is meeting Wednesday to plan future events, including a series of Business Before Hours with complimentary breakfasts and regular, quarterly meetings. Dues will be minimal, said CBA board member Patricia Richardson, owner of Camden Antiques Market.

“We have several ideas on what we would like to accomplish as a group,” Richardson said in an email. “One idea is for us to publish a city business directory with a map, using the format of flyers displayed in welcome centers, etc. Many of us business owners get requests for this -- it would show the location and short description of any business which is a member of our group.”

Richardson said another idea focuses on beautification, enhancing the general look of the city.

“We believe there is strength in numbers and, just from a fellowship standpoint, it makes sense to band together for the common good,” she said.