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Industrial spotlight
Manco celebrates 30 years in Lugoff
Mancor employees Hamilton Boykin, of Cassatt, and Lucas Joslin of Paces Green, stand outside the companys Lugoff plant. - photo by Haley Atkinson

Mancor Carolina Inc., located off U.S. 601 in Lugoff, primarily produces fabricated components for construction and agricultural equipment, according to plant manager George McKnight. Its parent company is Mancor Canada Inc. Its primary customers are Caterpillar, John Deere, Freightliner and Husqvarna, McKinght said.

For 30 years, Mancor has been a part of the Kershaw County industrial community, as it opened in Lugoff in 1983. There have been no name changes in those years; Mancor has remained Mancor.

The facility is approximately 100,000 square feet in size and employs approximately 200 individuals, McKnight said. Many skills are needed in the various jobs offered at the plant.

Some of the job titles at Mancor include:

• laser operators,

• press operators,

• welders,

• machinists,

• tool makers,

• millwrights,

• electricians,

• engineers,

• accountants, and

• materials managers.

Mancor recruits skilled workers mainly through utilizing temp services. After a temporary associate has worked at the plant for a period of 90 days, he or she can then become a full-time employee. The plant runs three shifts per day, five days per week, McKnight said.

“We do whatever work is needed on Saturday to keep us on schedule,” he said.

McKnight said that many of Mancor’s employees are from Kershaw County and that in the last four months, the plant has hired 40 more employees. He explained that Mancor has received more business during that time and had to hire more personnel to meet the demand. McKinght also said the average employee’s career term at the plant is eight years.

Mancor was founded in 1963, with headquarters located in Oakville, Ontario. Its vision is to be the best in class, to grow, to promote safety and to have fun. Its mission is to help customers be more profitable and successful and, in the process, become more profitable and successful itself. Since opening in 1983, the plant has tripled in size.

“We’ve had a good 30 years here,” McKnight said.