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Isoms Delights opens in Galleria
Artist offers treats for taste buds and eyes
Lori Isom
Lori Starnes Isom, owner of Isoms Delights, shows off her chalkboard version of the Mona Lisa and some of her other creations from the oven. Isom, a former artist, opened the bake shop inside TenEleven Galleria in September. - photo by Jim Tatum
Walk into the small space in front of Catery On Broad in TenEleven Galleria and you may well be greeted by the Mona Lisa, impishly suggesting you’re about to find out why she’s smiling. The reason is Isom’s Delights, a small but bustling bake shop specializing in such made-from-scratch treats as cakes, pies and especially cookies. Owner/operator Lori Starnes Isom, who has skillfully rendered a likeness of the Mona Lisa on a chalkboard behind the counter, is currently feeding her muses -- as a baker who specializes in cookies and as an artist, which she has done in some way, shape or form nearly all of her life.