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Megans Landscaping and Pest Control launches
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Megan Skinner (first picture) recently launched a new landscaping business, Megan's Landscaping and Pest Control. Skinner offers a variety of consulting as well as hands-on services and can handle agricultural, commercial and residential clients. - photo by Photos provided

If you have a landscaping or pest control question, Megan Skinner most likely has a workable, affordable solution for you.

Skinner, who lives in Kershaw County, recently launched Megan’s Landscaping and Pest Control LLC. She not only offers standard services such as mowing, leaf blowing, planting, raking and other yard maintenance tasks but she is an experienced landscape designer with a degree in Horticulture. She specializes in landscape design, maintenance, installation and turf management, she said. She can work with agricultural, commercial and residential clients.

“I have always really enjoyed the landscaping part of it, but for those who like to do it themselves but may need a little advice, I am available for consultation,” she said. “I want to do more than the ordinary ‘mow and go.’”

A beekeeper, Skinner said she is very conscious of not only showing people good, sound practices for gardening with native species, she also wants to encourage planting species that attract and are beneficial to and for pollinators such as bees.

“Finding the right plants is harder than people think,” she noted. 

For example, in some cases, plants obtained from a big box retailer may not produce sufficient pollen because they have been genetically altered.

Therefore, Skinner is careful to both raise and recommend that her customers use plants, such as heirloom varieties, that have not been genetically altered, she said.

Skinner also works part-time with the Soil and Water Conservation District in Bishopville. 

“I recommend soil testing as an important first step before doing any planting or fertilizing,”she said.

 Skinner is also a licensed pest control applicator certified through the state Department of Pesticide Regulation although she does not handle termite control, she said. Instead, she concentrates more on the farm, yard and garden aspect of pest control, including fly management for stables, fire ant control and even wildlife control.

“I want to offer people more eco-friendly options and solutions,” she said. “There are a number of ways to do things that are far less potentially harmful to the environment.”

For more information about Megan’s Landscaping and Pest Control, call 803-427-8522 or email