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Three Sisters Essentials: A dream come true for owners
Three Sisters - April and Tara
Two Out of Three: Sisters April Prater Rodgers (left) and Tara Prater Boone both smile inside their shop, Three Sisters Essentials, in Camden’s Dusty Bend district. The shop’s name includes the third Prater sister, Heather Bock, who is not currently part of the business. (Lillian Turner/C-I)
First Impressions -- In its previous incarnation, the squat brick building at 2503 Broad St. in Camden was a barbeque restaurant. These days, passers-by might not give the tired structure a second glance as it doesn’t look like much to write home about. But oh, dear reader, don’t judge this particular book by its cover. The façade belies the cool vibe and welcoming coziness being cultivated within. Not to mention the fervent passion for sustainable living that the two sisters who run the business share.