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All Roads Lead to Camden
A game ends at Lafayette cedar at the Kershaw County Courthouse
Lafayette Cedar
In front of the Kershaw County Courthouse is the Lafayette cedar, planted 190 years ago in honor of de Kalbs great friend from France, the Marquis de Lafayette. Lafayette also aided Colonial interests and returned to Camden in 1824 to lay the cornerstone on de Kalbs new grave. - photo by Photos courtesy of Rick Bell
If an American Revolution board game called “All Roads Lead to Camden” existed, it could well tell the story of an unacknowledged bit of local history. Pewter game tokens -- as in Monopoly’s thimble, top hat, or iron -- might be tiny replicas of the following: (1) The Washington Monument, (2) a bayonet, (3) a heart, (4) double-piazza-ed mansion, (5) a china platter, (6) Masonic jewel, (7) gold-fringed sash, (8) a dog, (9) a silver trowel and (10) a cedar branch. Once all were collected, the game would culminate with the identification of an oft-forgotten historic icon.