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Arnett Muldrow kick-off
Residents: Camden a gracious lady though not living up to potential
Marketing Kick-Off 2
Tripp Muldrow, of Arnett Muldrow (right) responds to a suggestion from the audience during the city of Camdens a community tourism marketing meeting at the Robert Mills Courthouse Wednesday night. - photo by Martin L. Cahn
How to define Camden? That is the central question surrounding a new effort to market the city to tourists that kicked off Wednesday night at the historic Robert Mills Courthouse. Using a series of three “fun” questions, Tripp Muldrow, of Greenville-based marketing firm Arnett Muldrow, got most of about 75 residents to help describe Camden: • If England’s Kate and William and baby Prince George came to South Carolina and only had 15 minutes to visit Camden, what would you want them to see? • If you had a magic wand to change one thing to make Camden better, what would it be? • How would you describe Camden as a person?