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Camden native Parker Robinson recovers from devastating I-20 collision near Augusta, Ga.
‘The stuff of survival’
Robinson - Braces in Wheelchair
Parker Robinson sits in a wheelchair with braces on his legs after arriving at the new Midlands Regional Rehabilitation Hospital (MRRH) in Elgin three weeks after being in a near-fatal collision on I-20 in Warrenton County, Ga., west of Augusta on July 26. Robinson suffered fractures to both legs; a large, open wound on his right leg; fractures in his skull, back of his neck and face; multiple small brain bleeds; a bruise on his brain; a fractured rib; a severe concussion; and several abrasions. He spent the first three weeks at Augusta University Medical Center, the first of which in the intensive care unit. (All photos courtesy of the Robinson family.)
Twenty-three-year-old Parker Robinson family’s July 27 posting on a website called CaringBridge is painful to read.