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Camden planning free Citizens Planning College
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The city of Camden will present “Citizens Planning College” a program that will teach the “ins and outs” of city planning in Camden.

Each class in the program is devoted to topics taught by the planning staff and/or a special guest speaker that specializes in the area of study. The purpose of the college is to provide an opportunity for residents to learn the basics of planning, how planning is conducted in Camden and why planning is important to the city. The goal of the outreach program is to encourage a more informed debate about planning and how it influences growth and development in the city.

The first five classes will be held in October, with the remaining five classes in February and March of 2015. The class will meet at Camden City Hall in the training room from 5:30 -- 7 p.m. on Thursdays. Classes will involve a combination of lectures, videos, guest speakers and interactive activities. Certificates of Achievement will be awarded to each of our graduates after the program is completed. This program is being offered at no cost to students.

Applications and a detailed class schedule can be found at city hall or on the city’s website (, click on City Government, then Departments, then Building and Planning, then Forms and Downloads). If interested, please submit the application to Shawn Putnam at city hall by Sept. 15.

Those with questions about attendance requirements or the program can contact Putnam at or 432-2421.