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City to consider ATAX, HTAX recommendations
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Camden City Council will consider funding recommendations from its accommodations and hospitality tax committees during its meeting tonight.

The Accommodations Tax (ATAX) Committee received nearly $96,100 in ATAX funding requests, but is recommending funding a little more than half that total at $57,000. That is the amount, according to ATAX Committee meeting minutes attached to tonight’s agenda, the city received in ATAX revenue from the state.

In nearly every case, the ATAX recommended only funding a portion of each organization’s request. The few exceptions are the S.C. Equine Foundation for $6,000 worth of S.C. Equine Park advertising, and the Boykin Spaniel Society for $5,000 for its spring national event. The ATAX Committee is recommending those requests be granted at their full amount. No organization will receive more than its requested amount based on the committee’s recommendations.

The Hospitality Tax (HTAX) Committee received a little more than $210,000 in requests, but is also constrained by only half that much -- $100,000 -- worth of HTAX funds to disburse.

The only HTAX request the committee recommended funding in full is the first of two requests from the S.C. Equine Center, for $15,000 to upgrade its restroom facilities, part of a three-year request. However, the HTAX Committee is not recommending funding any of a separate $45,000 request from the center for show room upgrades.

The committee’s recommendations for all other requests are below the requested amounts.

Council will also take up first reading of two rezoning ordinances tonight.

The first ordinance would rezone adjoining properties at 208 King St. and 709 Mill St. from industrial to limited business district. The property is owned by The ALPHA Center and would allow the center to construct a planned expansion.

The second ordinance would rezone 1101 Roberts St. from R-15 (residential) to General Business District so that it may be combined with a parcel to the south of it at the corner of Roberts and East DeKalb streets for future development. No specific plan for developing the proposed combined lot has been submitted to the city.

Council will also consider a resolution authorizing the consumption of alcohol at an event during the National League of Cities’ Small Business Conference from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Robert Mills Courthouse on July 11.

Also, council will consider a resolution authorizing an agreement between the city and Central Carolina Technical College (CCTC) whereby the city will provide $25,000 annually for fiscal years 2021 through 2025 to assist CCTC in granting full scholarships for six consecutive semesters to every high school graduate in the county with a grade point average of 2.0 or more and who enrolls at CCTC no later than the fall semester after high school graduation. The city will disburse the funds to CCTC no later than Dec. 31 of each fiscal year. The grants would cover any tuition, technology or lab fee not covered by federal, state or other grants or scholarships. All other fees, supplies and books would be the students’ responsibility.

Council will consider appointing Mark Chickering to a seat on the Camden Planning Commission with a term to expire Aug. 31, 2023.

Today’s meeting will begin at 6 p.m. on the second floor of Camden City Hall, 1000 Lyttleton St., and is open to the public.