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City may purchase old Maxway building
Council looks at proposal to create pocket park during budget talks
Old Maxway Building
The old Maxway department store building in Camden has sat vacant for 12 years at the corner of Broad and Rutledge streets. Camden City Council is considering purchasing and demolishing the building in order to turn the property into a pocket park. - photo by Martin L. Cahn
(The online version of this story has been updated to correctly show that asbestos mitigation and demolition of the Maxway building would be paid for out of a fund created by the 2000 sale of city watershed property, as will the purchase of the building. Hospitality taxes would only be used to transform the property into the proposed "pocket park.") Imagine a small park where an abandoned building once stood. A “pocket park” on the northwest corner of Broad and Rutledge streets in downtown Camden could appear instead of a former department store that has stood empty for 12 years.