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Finding the balance (Part II)
Broad Street today not well-liked by locals
Broad Street.JPG
Today, Broad Street is a four-lane U.S. highway with parallel parking, all asphalt, with peaks of heavy traffic and long waits at intersections. If a proposed Broad Street road diet goes as planned, this scene could be replaced with two lanes of traffic, angled parking, shade trees and varied materials to make the blocks between DeKalb and York streets more pedestrian friendly. - photo by Martin L. Cahn
Few people attending a two-day charrette on a proposed “road diet” for Broad Street between York and DeKalb streets like the way Camden’s main street looks today. More people participating in the series of meetings chose a recent photograph of Broad Street -- four lanes of black pavement with little landscaping features -- as the third-most unappealing photograph out of a series of approximately 30 streetscapes. Not only that, but some of those who found the photograph unappealing didn’t even realize they were looking at Broad Street, according to Ernie Boughman of URS Corporation, an engineering, construction and technical services firm.