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Former Hobkirk Inn sells at auction for $770,000
Auction - Winners 2 (W).jpg
Alicia and Michael Mrozowskic, of Hughesville, Md., try to use an old, large key to open the front door of their new home on Wednesday at 1919 Lyttleton St. in Camden. The key -- found in 1995 after missing for 65 years -- used to fit the large door of the home when it was known as The Hobkirk Inn. The Mrozowskics bought the house at auction for a total contract price of $770,000. (Provided by Lisa Cobb Moore)
It’s not every day that a man spends $770,000 on a gift for his wife to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary. That’s exactly what Michael Mrozowskic did Wednesday when he became the winning bidder for the home at 1919 Lyttleton St. in Camden that once housed the Hobkirk Inn. It marked one of the few times, if ever, that a home -- especially one with such history -- has sold at auction in Camden.