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Hotel agreements extended to March, not December
City Council 101921
Camden City Councilwoman Deborah Davis (far left) makes sure she understands that fellow Councilwoman Joanna Craig (far right) seconded her motion to extend the city’s boutique hotel purchase and inducement agreements for a fifth time during council’s Oct. 12 meeting as Mayor Alfred Mae Drakeford (second from left) and Councilman Stephen Smoak listen as well. There was no discussion of the extension itself and the public and media had not been provided an updated copy of the ordinance authorizing the extensions. It was not until after the meeting when the C-I asked City Manager Mel Pearson for further information that it was learned the agreements were extended to March 8, 2022, and not December 1, 2021. (Gee Whetsel/C-I)
If it weren’t for a question asked after Camden City Council’s Oct. 12 meeting, it might not have been known that council voted to extend its purchase and inducement agreements with Kershaw Hospitality LLC on the Clock Tower boutique hotel project to March 2022, not December of this year, as the Chronicle-Independent reported in a preview of the meeting in that day’s edition of the newspaper.