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Land of hopes and dreams
Frank and Daphne Wooten developed Upstart into a Kentucky Derby contender
Upstart - Homestretch
C-I Web Extra: Ortiz rides Upstart down the homestretch toward the finish line during the summer 2014 Funny Cide Stakes in Saratoga, N.Y. - photo by Adam Mooshian
If you hang around a horse barn long and often enough, you learn that a young horse’s given name or, those still unnamed by their owners, are given nicknames by those who train or ride them. Monikers may be as simple as calling or referring to a Thoroughbred by the name of their sire or dam. Others may come after a horse develops some type of unique quirk or mannerism while other times, a horse may be referred to by an off-shoot or, shortening of its given name.