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Old Hazelwood, adjacent building to be demolished
Hazelwood Building
Sometime in the future, these two buildings -- the abandoned Hazelwood Cleaners on the left and a smaller building currently housing Blessings Beauty Salon on the right -- will disappear from Camdens skyline on DeKalb Street. The owner of the former Hazelwood Cleaners building recently donated it to the city, while the city is in the process of purchasing the smaller building for $75,000. The city plans to demolish the buildings, but officials have not yet determined exactly what will replace them. - photo by Jim Tatum
The city of Camden will demolish two adjacent downtown buildings. Camden City Council gave first reading approval to an ordinance accepting the donation of 529 DeKalb St., the former site of Hazelwood Cleaners. Council also gave first reading approval to an ordinance authorizing the purchase of 533 DeKalb St., currently the site of Blessings Beauty Salon.