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Camden City Council Kesha L. Hayes is pictured with a proclamation during councils July 26 meeting. The proclamation designates Sept. 12, 2016 as Senior Service Day in honor of the citys elderly population. Delete - Merge Upbodycopy Hayes is the founder and owner of Professional Development & Training Services, a nurse aide post-secondary institution along with KLH Consulting, which teaches students at the nurse aide school professional development. On September 12, volunteers will go out into the communities to pay tribute and celebrate senior citizens through companionship. The goal is to work to reduce negative outcomes such as depression and senior loneliness. According to Hayes, Our motto is to Keep the Fire Burning in our caregivers and the hearts of our seniors. Hayes also mentioned, We want the caregivers to forever love what they do when caring for our seniors and we want seniors to live a purposeful, engaging, prosperous life for the rest of their life. Not only do caregivers play an important role in providing companionship to our seniors, but volunteers can also gain a rewarding feeling when taking time to be with a senior. Shown from left during the July 26 Camden City Council meeting are Audrey Burroughs, Karen Griffin, Kesha L. Hayes, Mayor Tony Scully, Sahnai Jamison, Taylor Henry, Jarick Quattlebaum, NaQuayle Quattlebaum, Jean Hayes, Taylor Tobias, Teresia Hayes, Virginia Fletcher, Caitlyn Tobias. Jean Hayes and Taylor Tobias are in front of the group. - photo by Jim Tatum