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Quilt store leads mask-making project for hospital, doctor’s offices
Camden Kimpton
Young seamstress Camden Kimpton (above) shows off one of the seven masks she dropped off Tuesday at Palmetto Stitches and Quilts in downtown Camden for a special project to benefit KershawHealth and physician’s offices in the community. The store is owned by Todd Warnock and his wife, Kelly, who works as a nurse practitioner at KershawHealth. They said they started the project at the request of KershawHealth Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tallulah Holmstrom as a way to free up other masks for critical needs. (Provided by Todd Warnock)
Back in January, Todd and Kelly Warnock bought Emmie’s Designs on Rutledge Street in downtown Camden and renamed it Palmetto Stitches and Quilts. Little did they expect for things to change so drastically thanks to something called the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.