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Some downtown merchants see parking, delivery problems
Melissa Goodale of Goodale Jewelers stands outside her shop Thursday, happy none of the cars on DeKalb Street belong to employees of neighboring businesses. Goodale said there have been problems with customers finding places to park, especially since the Town Green project started a week ago, moving spaces to a temporary lot on Market Street.
Looking out her display window while creating a paper maché snowman, Melissa Goodale has seen something that was a nuisance turn into what she says is a real problem. For years, said Goodale, who works with her parents at F.D. Goodale Jeweler on DeKalb Street, owners, managers and employees of other businesses have been parking in spaces that ought to be reserved for customers. Now, she said, the problem is being exacerbated because of the limited parking created by the transformation of the East Back Lot into Camden’s new Town Green.