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The passing of an American steeplechasing giant
Austin Brown, former jockey, former CCRA chairman dies in Hilton Head
Austin Brown
Austin Brown with his namesake horse, Austin Brown, as seen in the Carolina Cup 2015 edition of Camden Horse & Equestrian magazine. - photo by Dogwood Stable
Recalling a telephone conversation he had with his good friend and Augustin Stable owner, George Strawbridge, several years ago, Austin Brown chuckled as he told the story of the portion of their talk when the two giants of the American steeplechasing industry discussed the passing of time and how quickly the years had gone by. “George said to me, ‘Brownie, my friend, we’re running out of runway,’” Brown said. Austin Brown would ride to the end of the tarmac but not until he had enjoyed every trip, every stop and every stay which he had ever taken.