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The route and the road diet
Part Two: Bumps in the road
Boykin Road - Intersection Web
S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT) contractors work Monday at the corner of the intersection on Liberty Hill Road where Springdale Drive becomes Boykin Road and connects with U.S. 521 North in the distance as other crews work along the right side of Boykin Road. The work here and on Springdale Drive is one part of a project to create an enforceable truck route away from Camdens downtown district. SCDOT suspended work in 2017 for a period of time after running into issues concerning rights-of-ways. - photo by Martin L. Cahn
More than six and a half years ago, in January 2012, the S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT) held a public information meeting regarding a proposed enforceable truck route for the city of Camden and a subsequent “road diet” for Broad Street. The idea -- actually dating back decades and, in its current form, to 2008 -- was to get heavy truck traffic out of Camden’s downtown district so that Broad Street between DeKalb and York streets could be reduced to one lane in each direction with other amenities to make the area more walkable. Then, and again at a full public hearing six months later, SCDOT’s plans for the truck route -- part of South Carolina’s Statewide Transportation Improvement Program -- were for it to be handled in three phases.