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The route and the road diet
Part Three: The road from here
Segment 3 Changes Web
A colored overlay of a Google Earth image of what will be the new intersection of York and Rippondon streets for an enforceable truck route around downtown Camden. Contractors are extending the left curve of York Street by the old Miller Lumber site so that it meets a new, curved extension of Rippondon Street. Midway through the curve, truckers could either continue on Rippondon up to DeKalb Street or turn right on to what is being called the York Street Connector to resume a heading toward S.C. 34 on East York Street. Residents could also use the connector to reach what will become Rippondon Court -- a cul-de-sac that will serve several homes there. - photo by Photo provided by SCDOT
During the last week, a patching and resurfacing project on a long stretch of Broad Street added to traffic complications in and around downtown Camden as the S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT) also continued work on three segments of an enforceable truck route. Years ago, SCDOT put up signs marking Ehrenclou Drive, Chesnut Ferry Road Extension, Springdale Drive, Boykin Road and portions of York, Mill and DeKalb streets as a truck route at the city of Camden’s request. But the agency did not make the truck route an official one and, therefore, local authorities could not ticket drivers of heavy trucks for cutting through town, especially on Broad Street.