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Camden Crime Report - March 5, 2019
Fatz employee hides before taking cash

The Camden Police Department (CPD) is in possession of a warrant for burglary against Darryl Shannon Payne, 31, of Chesnut Street, Camden. Payne has reportedly not returned to work at Fatz Café since the night of Feb. 12 when he allegedly ran out of the restaurant with three bank bags containing a total of more than $1,900 in cash. Investigators may also be seeking the whereabouts of another former employee in connection with the case.

According to a CPD report, officers responded to an alarm call at the business around 11:20 p.m. and met with the manager on duty. He reported that he had closed up the business a few minutes earlier, locking the doors, shutting off the lights and setting the alarm. He said that as he walked around to his car, he saw Payne exit the rear of the building and called out to him. Payne then took off running toward the neighboring McDonald’s and got into a white, newer model Nissan driven by a former Fatz employee.

The manager said he went back inside and discovered that the three bank bags were missing from a safe to which Payne -- who was not a manager -- should not have known.

He also said that Payne had worked earlier in the day, but should not have been there at night, leading him to believe Payne hid out somewhere in the restaurant and waited until closing to grab the money.

Anyone with information as to Payne’s whereabouts is asked to call the CPD at (803) 425-6025.

The CPD also reported the following recent incidents:

Officers arrested a 32-year-old Camden for public disorderly conduct, second-degree domestic violence and resisting arrest with an assault on a police officer around 7:30 p.m. Feb. 8. Officers reported responding to a disturbance at a Campbell Street apartment. Officers met with the man’s 37-year-old wife who said he had been “acting different” leading her to ask him to leave for the night. Officers confronted the man in the apartment’s bathroom and he said he would not leave. After moving to a bedroom, the man’s phone then rang and the man answered it saying it was his mother. An officer instructed him to tell her he would call her back, but instead the man became irate and said he would not end the call. The officer ordered him to hang up the phone, at which point the man reportedly said in a loud voice that he “didn’t care.” The officer got one handcuff on the man, who then began to actively resist. Another officer came into the bedroom to help arrest the man, but he continued to struggle, taking everyone to the floor. Just as a third officer came into the room, the second officer said the suspect was biting him. At this point, the first officer used his Taser to stun the man -- which had to be done twice -- before the suspect began to comply. The woman informed officers her husband was prescribed an anticonvulsant drug that can cause aggression and believed he had taken more than he should. It also turned out he was under the influence of alcohol, according to the report.

Officers charged a 34-year-old Lugoff man with possession of heroin (second offense) and possession of drug paraphernalia after a report of him “freaking out” at the Gate gas station at the corner of Springdale Drive and West DeKalb Street around 8:30 a.m. Feb. 15. CPD Chief Joe Floyd arrived on the scene first and instructed an officer who arrived shortly thereafter to park behind the man’s vehicle to keep him from leaving. After officers had him step out of the vehicle, he claimed he had been moving erratically because he was “listening to his music and having a good time,” the reporting officer wrote. Although a field sobriety test did not show the man was materially impaired, officers asked him for consent to search his vehicle. Officers asked county deputies to bring their narcotics K-9 to the scene, and it alerted to narcotics in the vehicle. Officers found a needle containing a liquid substance later identified as heroin.

Officers cited a 36-year-old Camden man for discharging a weapon in the city limits on the evening of Feb. 13. According to a Camden Police Department (CPD) report, dispatchers sent officers to the 500 block of Lyttleton Street for reports of a man shooting in the air who had walked down toward Bull Street. As the offices drove down Lyttleton Street, the man approached them and admitted he had been the one firing the AR-15 rifle. The man said a round had jammed, and wanted to clear it, but acknowledged he shouldn’t have shot any more rounds. He also acknowledged being aware that discharging a weapon in the city is illegal. He said he walked down to the field at Lyttleton and Bull streets and fired three rounds into the air, and took officers to the spot where they issued him the citation.

A 14-year-old Camden boy said he was “jumped” by three members of the “Gangster Disciples” on Feb. 10. The boy’s mother said the three teenage boys arrived at their home two days later and tried to fight her son and that when they were told to leave threatened to return with guns and more people. The boy said the Feb. 10 altercation took place because one of the other teens thought he had said something negative about their gang. He said he attempted to run from the other boys, but slipped and was “jumped.” Mother and son said they were outside their home on Feb. 12 when the boys came back and tried to assault him, but he fought back leading them to threatened to come back with weapons.

An officer arrested a 31-year-old east Camden woman and a 30-year-old Camden woman for assaulting each other during an argument at Chili’s on Springdale Drive around 8:45 p.m. Feb. 13. The older woman -- who spoke to the officer outside the restaurant, suffered injuries to her right eye and scratches along the left side of her nick. The officer found the younger woman in the restaurant’s ladies bathroom suffering a nosebleed and a swollen right eye. The women had reportedly been arguing about an incident from the day before. Another officer took the 30-year-old to the hospital for treatment and then to the KCDC. Officers charged both women with third-degree assault.

According to a CPD report, Camden Middle School suspended two 12-year-old girls on Feb. 8 pending district hearings and family court petitions. The two girls reportedly got into a fight during recess, during which a 7th Grade teacher and another student trying to stop the fight were injured. The teacher suffered a bruised upper lip; the student was hit in the face and sought medical attention from the school nurse.

A 59-year-old Camden man said he was walking along West DeKalb Street on the evening of Feb. 18 when two men knocked him down, kicked him and stole his wallet with his ID and $25 cash. He described them as two black males, both thin, between 5 feet 7 inches and 5 feet 10 inches tall, and with short hair. He said one was wearing a white T-shirt and the other a gray T-shirt.

A 26-year-old Camden woman who worked at the Dusty Bend BP gas station is accused of stealing lottery tickets and scratching them off while at work sometime prior to Feb. 13. Managers said they had ticket logs, time stamps and video recordings of the thefts. As of Feb. 26, however, no jail or court records indicated officers had arrested her.

Officers arrested a 20-year-old Columbia man for a weapon law violation and possession of a false ID following a traffic stop on the night of Feb. 18 near Boykin Park.

The CPD is investigating the theft of outdoor equipment, such as mowers, from a Lyttleton Street business that apparently were stolen sometime prior to Feb. 18.

A 13-year-old Lugoff boy allegedly used Twitter to threaten to shoot two other boys, ages 12 and 15, and shoot up their house in Camden.