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Cleveland School Fire remembered at Fire Fest
Cleveland School Memorial WEB
The 77 victims of the fire are honored by a monument that was placed at the site of the school. - photo by Tenell Felder
“I feel that God, who is a God of love, carefully closed the chapter for that night.” --Clara Woodson, Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Cleveland School Fire, Kershaw County Historical Society newsletter Just off of I-20 East heading towards Florence, a memorial stands honoring 77 victims of the Cleveland School Fire that took place 90 years ago in May. The school was described as “the pride of (the) community” that would “compare favorably with any rural school in the state,” in an October 10, 1913, issue of the Camden Chronicle. Ten years later, on the night of the school’s closing, the Cleveland School would be the site of the deadliest fire in state history.