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Coroner, chief, sheriff urge safe holiday driving
Mock Notification Web
In this staged photo, Kershaw County Coroner David West (left) and Camden Police Chief Joe Floyd notify the wife of a traffic fatality victim that her husband has died. West said he has had to knock on victims familys doors 19 times this year. His and Floyds message -- echoed by Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews -- is for residents to do everything they can to avoid having their families get a visit like the one depicted here. - photo by Provided by the CPD
The scene has played out 19 times in Kershaw County this year: Kershaw County Coroner David West, joined by a member of the Bethune, Camden or Elgin police departments or from the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office, knocks on the door of a home or apartment. Sometimes, when someone opens the door and sees them, the person just knows -- a loved one is gone, killed in a traffic collision. West said that among those 19 deaths, two were passengers.