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County Crime Report - Aug. 2, 2019
Man charged with assaulting, shooting at girlfriend
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Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) deputies arrested a 22-year-old Cassatt man for first-degree domestic violence after he reportedly choked and fired a shot at his live-in girlfriend on July 18.

According to a KCSO report, when deputies arrived on the scene, they spoke with the woman who said her boyfriend had shot at her and left the home. She said they had begun arguing earlier about when she clocked out of work. When he realized she had left her place of employment approximately 30 minutes after she checked out, he accused her of having relations with another man.

At that point, the man allegedly grabbed the woman around the neck and started choking her. She told deputies she tried to scream for one of her daughters for help, but couldn’t make a sound and started to black out. She said she still couldn’t speak when she managed to slide out of his grasp. A minute or so later, she found her voice, screamed and called 911 for help. The woman said her boyfriend went into the living room and jerked an internet box out of a wall, but not before she made the call.

The man then came back into the room where they were having the argument, retrieved a 9mm handgun and pointed it at her. The woman said she ducked down and heard a shot go off, looked back up and saw that her boyfriend was gone.

Deputies then spoke to the woman’s juvenile daughter who said she heard the argument and her mother call for her and saw her mother hitting the man in the face and kicking him between the legs. She told deputies while she was not in the room when the man allegedly fired the shot, she did hear it, causing her to scream.

The woman said she and the man had been dating since February, and that they had dated previously for a year and a half.

A dog team was called out, but could not find the man. Nothing in the report details the circumstances of the man’s arrest.

The man’s arrest date is listed as July 25 in online court records, the same day on which a bonding company paid a $10,000 cash bond in order for him to be released.

The KCSO also reported the following recent incidents:

Deputies charged a pair of brothers for assaulting each other at an Old Stagecoach Road residence in east Camden. On July 14, deputies responded to a fight at the home reportedly involving an axe and a handgun. Upon arrival, deputies could see one of the brothers in the front yard who was not wearing a seatbelt and had a handgun visible in his waistband. A deputy located the axe in the back seat of a truck on the property. Deputies noted that both subjects had sustained minor injuries. One of the men said he had argued with his brother over some common household chores that turned physical. He said his brother grabbed the axe and attempted to come at him with it, leading him to present his handgun in self-defense. The other man claimed his brother presented the handgun first, at which point he grabbed the axe in an attempt to defend himself. Although no online records could be found, deputies indicated in the report that they charged one of the brothers with first-degree assault, and the other with pointing and presenting a firearm.

In separate reports filed July 17 in Cassatt and Bethune, several people stated that a particular individual may be responsible for leaving stolen items in trailers or buildings on properties that do not belong to him. In the Cassatt case, the subject appeared to have left five push mowers and some miscellaneous tools in a building behind a home. In the Bethune case, the man is said to have left multiple power tools, including some expensive ones still in their boxes and even a tool cabinet, that may have been stolen, in a trailer on a Main Street property. It also appeared the tools were being used to strip down various all-terrain vehicles and mopeds.

On July 19, a woman living near Jefferson reported that her son was attacked by a dog, suffering an injury to his hand. Part of the allegation includes a claim that the girlfriend of one of the boy’s uncles commanded the dog to attack him and, after receiving the command, the dog did so. EMS transported the boy to an emergency room; Kershaw County Animal Control was notified about the dog and the incident.

On July 17, a deputy had to warn a man living off Bradley Road that if he continued to make false complaints to dispatchers, he would be arrested for unlawful use of 911 services. The man had allegedly called 911 claiming that a woman was being raped in a trailer in some nearby woods. The responding deputy determined the complaint was false after conducting a short investigation.

On July 13, a woman living on Cambridge Lane in Lugoff said her ex-boyfriend assaulted her during an argument. She claimed he choked her at one point and, later, heard him pull out a gun and cock it. She managed to get back inside her residence before he could and called 911 while he was banging on the door. It does not appear that deputies arrested the man.

Two vehicles -- a 1993 Ford Probe GT and 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass -- were towed from a Red Hill Road property that should not have been removed from the residence, according to the vehicles’ current owner. Both the victim and deputies have not been able to reach the person who allegedly removed the vehicles. They could be charged with grand larceny.

A male subject who has previously been accused of stealing a firearm from a family member earlier this year, allegedly threatened to come to a Hornsby Circle, Lugoff residence and “shoot the place up” on July 14 after being confronted with possibly stealing a firearm from the home and posting it for sale on Facebook.

Sometime between July 13 and 16, someone fired at least one shot into a workshop on Cascade Road near Kershaw. It was unclear whether this is thought to have been a deliberate act or an accident. The victim said they “always hear gunshots” on surrounding properties.

Someone vandalized and broke into a 2014 Toyota truck parked on Woodward Lane in Lugoff on July 12, and stole a .22 caliber rifle from inside the cab. They also appeared to have dumped some clothes on the ground out of a suitcase that had been in the truck.

A juvenile is being accused by his parents of stealing a recently purchased .380 caliber pistol from their Cassatt home. The gun has a lock to which the boy’s mother has the only key. His parents told deputies this is the third gun their son has taken.

A deputy responded to a shots fired call on Precipice Road on July 16. Dispatchers advised the caller said someone had fired shots at a particular residence. The report as provided to the C-I did not contain any additional information.

A man allegedly pointed and presented a firearm on July 18 in Lugoff to a juvenile male and threatened to kill him while reportedly accusing the juvenile of having broken into his apartment on a previous occasion.

On July 16, someone stole two trailers from the back yard of a Timrod Road, Bethune residence. One of the trailers is a black 6-foot by 12-foot utility trailer. The other is also black, but is a 21-foot car trailer.

Sometime during the last month or so, someone stole a .32 caliber revolver from a Brown Road residence.

County deputies also dealt with recent cases involving breach of peace, breaking into a motor vehicle, communicating threats, civil disturbance, DUI, driving under suspension, financial transaction fraud, fraudulent check, larceny, malicious injury to property, marijuana possession, methamphetamine possession, missing person, no driver’s license, open container, obtaining money or property under false pretenses, pointing and presenting a firearm, possession of a Schedule II controlled substance, public disorderly conduct, second-degree domestic violence, stolen dog, third-degree assault and battery, third-degree domestic violence, trespassing, use of a vehicle without owner’s consent, vandalism, and violation of a restraining order.

(KCSO reports are provided under the S.C. Freedom of Information Act. Subjects are considered innocent until proven guilty.)