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County Crime Report - June 11, 2019
Man faces multiple charges following arrest at county courthouse
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Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) deputies arrested Nathaniel Walter Brown Sr., 28, of Elgin and filed several charges against him at the Kershaw County Courthouse on May 13.

According to the first of two KCSO reports regarding Brown, a deputy responded to his home on May 8 after serving earlier in the day with an order of protection for the female victim. It was unclear from the report whether the woman is his wife or girlfriend. After the paperwork was served, Brown allegedly broke back into her home and broke both of her television sets. She also said that he showed up at her house a few days earlier, forced his way in and assaulted her, and alleged he did so with a belt with metal studs.

In the second report, dated May 13, the same deputy reported completing affidavits for two warrants out for Brown’s arrest for the May 8 incident. Deputies learned Brown would be in court that day. One of the deputies met with a magistrate who not only signed the warrants, but wanted Brown secured before the hearing began. Deputies agreed to arrest Brown as he walked in the courtroom.

The deputy conferred with others on duty in the courtroom because “the subject (has been) very violent in the past and has fought with law enforcement before” and, therefore, wanted to keep everyone safe. About 15 minutes after court began, Brown arrived. Several deputies covered a rear door to make sure Brown couldn’t leave.

Brown reportedly refused to leave. When he did so, deputies told him he was under arrest and reported that he immediately began physically resisting deputies, who had to physically escort him to the back hallway of the courtroom in order not to disturb court. Brown reportedly had to be further restrained in order to have handcuffs placed on him. As they escorted through the main part of the courthouse, he reportedly became belligerent and cursed at the deputies. At one point, deputies allowed him to sit on a bench in the lobby only to have him reportedly say something to the nature of, “This is why you cops get shot and/or hurt.”

Finally, deputies were able to get Brown into a patrol car with a cage and took him to jail. When the reporting deputy asked Brown if he wanted the charges explained to him, he allegedly answered with profanity and said, “Do not let me catch y’all out of uniform on the street.”

In all, deputies served Brown with warrants for first-degree domestic violence, petit larceny, resisting arrest and two counts of threatening a public official. As of Monday afternoon, the Kershaw County Detention Center listed Brown as still being held on more than 71,000 bond.

The KCSO also reported the following recent incidents:

A deputy arrested two men and a woman on methamphetamine possession charges after stopping a grey Toyota that had been traveling at a high rate of speed on West DeKalb Street on May 11. After the driver pulled into the Walmart parking lot and the deputy approached the car, they found all three occupants slumped over. The woman, who was in the driver’s seat, and a man in the back seat appeared to be asleep while a man sitting in the front passenger seat appeared to be awake. The front passenger exited the vehicle when asked, but the man in the back seat acted as though they were asleep despite repeated prodding to exit. He finally did so when the other man told him to get out of the car. On the back seat, there was a blanket that was covering a used meth pipe. That led the deputy to search the rest of the car, turning up 3 grams of meth and, later, some needles, and various pills in a prescription bottle. The deputy had Camden Police Department officers transport the men and woman to the county jail.

Deputies arrested a 32-year-old Cassatt area man for second-degree domestic violence after he allegedly assaulted his wife on May 17. The woman reportedly suffered injuries to her back, arm and finger when he allegedly knocked her into a truck in their yard and grabbed a cellphone out of her hand. Deputies reported the man had to be forcibly escorted from the property after being handcuffed when he tried to quickly walk away from them.

A man living on Joe Johnson Road toward Bishopville reported that his daughter’s boyfriend was arrested in Lee County while trying to cash a forged check from his wife’s bank account. Through his own investigation, the man determined that the suspect had forged 18 checks totaling around $3,000 during the course of the last year.

A man reportedly entered the new Dollar General on Wateree Dam Road in Lugoff with his private parts hanging out of his shorts on May 15, made rude gestures to customers and then left.

Someone broke the right front passenger window to Chrysler 200 parked at an Aldrich Drive, Lugoff home on May 13 and stole a .40 caliber pistol with a magazine with 10 rounds and a holster.

A woman driving on I-20 westbound on May 16 said she heard a loud bang in the vicinity of mile marker 86, and believed someone shooting a BB gun broke out one of the car’s windows.

County deputies also dealt with recent cases involving breach of trust, communicating threats, harassment, financial identity fraud, larceny, possession of crack cocaine, scam, shoplifting, third-degree assault and battery, third-degree domestic violence, trespassing, unlawful use of telephone, and vandalism.

(KCSO reports are provided under the S.C. Freedom of Information Act. Subjects are considered innocent until proven guilty.)