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County Crime Report - June 28, 2019
Man arrested with burglary tools, meth
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Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) deputies arrested a man for possession with intent to distribute meth and possession of burglary tools following a traffic stop on S.C. 34 at Tickle Hill Road in east Camden on June 16. A deputy patrolling U.S. 1 saw the suspect’s dark-colored vehicle quickly change lanes while traveling toward Camden and then brake hard and swerve into the left turn lane to turn on to S.C. 34.

While searching the driver during the subsequent traffic stop, the deputy found a plastic container in the man’s front pocket, which the suspect claimed contained his blood pressure medication. However, inside the bottle was what the man soon reportedly admitted as meth, which deputies later recorded as weighing 3.36 grams. Inside the car, deputies also found a glass pipe, a plastic bag with women’s jewelry inside of it as well as a metal file with a black handle. Inside a backpack, there were a set of keys on a ring that also had a set of scissors that appeared to have been modified to burglarize vehicles. They also found a G-Shock watch neither he nor his girlfriend (one of the passengers) could provide any proof of purchasing.

Deputies released the girlfriend and another passenger from the scene, but arrested the man, whom they said has an extensive criminal history of property crimes ranging from breaking into motor vehicles to residential burglaries.

The KCSO also reported the following recent incidents:

Deputies arrested a man on Skyview Drive in east Camden after hearing numerous gunshots coming from the Bradley Road area on June 15. While scouting the area to locate the source of the shooting, a deputy came across a black Lincoln traveling on Bradley Road with a paper tag. As the deputy walked up, he spotted an open can of light beer, which the suspect agreed to give to the deputy to pour out. The deputy then had him exit the vehicle to be searched. The deputy retrieved a box of soap and a box of cigarettes. In the cigarette box were three blue pills wrapped in plastic that were later identified as oxycodone, for which the man did not have a prescription. Another deputy opened the passenger door and immediately located a silver and black Ruger 9mm pistol on the floorboard. The serial number had been scratched off. Deputies charged the man with possession of a Schedule II narcotic (second offense), open container and unlawful carrying of a weapon.

On May 20, a man driving a blue Toyota pickup truck drove around fire trucks and S.C. Highway Patrol troopers, who had blocked off all lanes of traffic on one side of I-20 at mile marker 90 to work on a three-vehicle collision, by driving onto the median. A trooper tried to chase down the driver, but was unable to do so. A KCSO deputy managed to catch up to the suspect at mile marker 86 where, at this point, the truck was traveling at only 45 mph. The deputy got in front of the truck to stop it and they and a trooper took the man into custody. He reportedly admitted to having a few drinks and to smoking marijuana. He also claimed to be carrying President Donald Trump in the back, taking him to Key West, Fla. The trooper arrested the man for DUI and failing to stop for blue lights.

Deputies arrested a man on June 11 for possession of a stolen pistol and unlawful carrying of a weapon on June 11 near Jones Road near the town of Kershaw. The reporting deputy noted that he recognized the front seat passenger of a car that passed him as having an outstanding warrant and conducted a traffic stop on Aster Lane. After placing the man under arrest for the outstanding warrant, deputies conducted a search of the car and found a loaded black and silver Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol under the passenger seat. The man claimed he had a concealed weapon permit and that he had gotten the gun from one of his “homeboys.” Deputies ran the gun’s serial number and it came back stolen out of Lancaster County.

A woman reported to deputies on June 8 that she had gone to Persimmon Drive in Shepard Acres to see if anyone wanted a puppy of hers. She said that while she was speaking to a man, the man -- whom she described as grossly intoxicated -- slapped her in the face, grabbed her by the neck and pushed her into a workout machine. She said she ran to her truck, but the man chased her, punched her in the face and knocked her to the ground, almost unconscious. When she got up, the man allegedly choked her until she almost passed out and then allegedly said he was going to shoot her. The reporting deputy noted a very red area on the woman’s neck, a knot on her left cheek and that she was covered in dust and dirt.

Deputies responded to a Collins Circle, Camden residence around 12:30 a.m. May 22 due to reports of gunshots being fired outside the home. Deputies spoke to a woman there who said she had just laid down in the living room when she heard what she thought were five gunshots and immediately called 911. Officers checked the residence and surrounding area and found that four rounds had hit the home -- twice above a bedroom window and twice in the front porch area. They also found that a large oak tree in the front yard had been hit several times as well. Deputies also found a large number of .40, .45 and 9mm shell casing in front of the the home and a neighboring home.

Deputies responded to a shooting incident on May 22 where several people were bow fishing north of Camden. Three victims said they were fishing around the docks and that when they went past a dock with a yellow barge, they heard a noise followed by gunfire. They left the area to go back to a marina, discovered one of the front lights had been busted and found a bullet had hit a cable under the front deck of the boat close to where one of the victims was standing. Deputies spoke to a man living at the house where the barge was located, and they claimed they did not hear any shots nor knew the victims had come by his dock.

Deputies received multiple calls on May 20 about a man allegedly walking toward Midway Elementary School in the Cassatt area with a gun around 8 a.m. Initial reports said the man was carrying a shotgun and wearing a backpack walking toward the school from the south on U.S. 1. The school was locked down and the immediate area, including wooded areas, was checked as well as secondary roads, but deputies did not locate anyone.

On June 8, a woman living on Marion Street North in Lugoff reported seeing a possibly male suspect with a black hoodies holding a rifle between two mobile homes behind her residence. She said her dog had suffered an injury on the side of his face behind his jaw, and that a neighbor’s dog had similar wounds on different parts of its body.

A woman said she was visiting a friend at a nursing home on June 7 and left her purse in a room for about 30 to 45 minutes while accompanying their friend to therapy. When she returned, she noticed that a number of pieces of jewelry -- valued at a total of $15,600 -- that she was planning to take to a jeweler for repair were missing.

Deputies recovered a motorcycle stolen out of Charlotte, N.C., on June 11 after being dispatched to what was thought to be an accident on U.S. 521 just past S.C. 261 south of Camden. The motorcycle did not appear to be damaged and appeared to have deliberately been placed in the ditch where it was found.

Someone stole a silver and green 2014 Dodge Charger the owner had to leave on the side of U.S. 521 just south of I-20 Exit 98 on June 11 during a rainstorm after one of its tires blew out.

Someone broke into a Sandwood Drive residence on or before May 20 and stole a black fire safe containing the victim’s car titles, social security card, and two checkbooks.

On June 7, the KCSO received a report from the S.C. Department of Social Services that a newborn baby in the county had tested positive for marijuana.

County deputies also dealt with a brush fire that burned down an older vacant home along with recent cases involving breach of peace, breach of trust, burglary, counterfeit money, driving under suspension, financial identity fraud, financial transaction card fraud, fraudulent checks, harassment, larceny, malicious injury to personal property, marijuana possession, meth possession, motor vehicle break-in, motor vehicle theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, public disorderly conduct, reckless driving, restraining order violation, second-degree domestic violence, speeding, third-degree assault and battery, trespassing, unlawful carrying of a weapon, unlawful use of telephone, and use of 911 unlawfully.

(KCSO reports are provided under the S.C. Freedom of Information Act. Subjects are considered innocent until proven guilty.)