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County Crime Report - May 21, 2019
Two arrested following stolen vehicle report
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A report of a stolen Chevy Equinox led to the arrest of two people on multiple charges on May 1.

According to two Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) reports, a woman said that Cody Allen Dinkins, 28, of Burmaster Drive, Pontiac, stole a Chevy Equinox and was sure Dinkins was at the Travel Inn at U.S. 1 and S.C. 34 in Lugoff because she saw Cody’s cousin arrive and go into a room there. After checking with dispatchers, deputies confirmed the Equinox was listed as stolen out and that there was an outstanding warrant for Dinkins by the Elgin Police Department.

Several deputies knocked on the door of the room the woman had identified but then noticed that someone kept peeking through the blinds of the room next door. A woman in that room said the Equinox belonged to her grandmother and that she was going to return it soon.

Once inside the room, deputies found Dinkins pretending to be asleep on a bed. He provided a false name, but the woman in the room identified him as Dinkins.

KCSO narcotics agents also responded to the scene due to Dinkins’ previous drug arrests and complaints of drug sales by him in and around the Cassatt area. Agents had actually received information earlier in the day that Dinkins was operating out of a hotel room in the Lugoff area. During their investigation of the room, agents found a package of needles on the nightstand. They also found a small piece of marijuana, a baggie with 6 grams of meth, another baggie of six slips of heroin, a digital scale and weight, and a blue baggie in the woman’s purse. In another part of the room, they located a zip bag with marijuana, zip-up container with four clonazepam pills and a package of fake urine.

Despite claiming that all the items in her purse, agents arrested her for marijuana possession.

As of Monday morning, Dinkins was still being held at the Kershaw County Detention Center on total of nearly $21,000 bond on two municipal bench warrants and charges of meth distribution; the manufacture, distribution or possession of narcotics and marijuana possession.

The KCSO also reported the following recent incidents:

A deputy had to use an asp and spray along with physical force to get a man to leave a McBee Highway home from which the man had been trespassed. The deputy initially responded to a call of a civil disturbance and found that a woman and her daughter -- who is pregnant with the man’s daughter -- no longer wanted the man there after the man had kicked a chair and thrown clothes around a room. By this time, the man was in a car and refused to get out, even after being told explicitly to leave by one of the women in the deputy’s presence. When he refused, the deputy instructed the man to get out of the car and leave, and he refused again. At this point, the deputy used his baton to break one of the car’s windows and used a spray to try to get the man under control. The man continued to refuse commands to exit the vehicle, even using a jacket to block the spray. The deputy then grabbed the man by the arm, pulled him out of the car and placed him face down on the ground. He continued to resist until placed in handcuffs and water was used to clear his eyes of the spray. The deputy charged him with trespassing and resisting arrest.

The owners of a tow truck parked on Bradley Road near Camden caught a man trying to steal the truck on May 1. They said they were at one of their nearby homes when they heard a crash from their business and ran over to find the suspect had jumped out of the driver’s side of the vehicle. Not knowing what the suspect was going to do, one of the men defended himself and his property. Deputies found the suspect sitting on the ground, bleeding from the right eye and apparently intoxicated. He claimed he had been jumped for no reason, but was not taken to jail immediately due to the injury to his eye.

During a May 2 traffic stop, a deputy discovered a silver pistol with a gold handle sticking up between the seats of a pickup truck that had been pulled over for a defective equipment violation. The deputy reported there was one round loaded in the chamber. The driver of the truck, who was charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon, said he was working on it for a friend of his.

Sometime between April 20 and May 1, someone entered a home that had recently been purchased at foreclosure on Cedar Springs Road near Elgin and removed the stove, microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher. The new owner stated that two a back door and side door still had old locks on them, while other doors had new locks.

Someone set fire to four mailboxes belonging to several tenants on Bookman Road outside Elgin on May 6 as well as a box used to drop off rent. Whoever was responsible used notebook paper and matches to set fires in the boxes along with some lighter fluid. Four rent checks were partially burnt.

On May 1, someone drove up to a Chestnut Hill Road, Elgin home and stole two dogs from their pen.

County deputies also dealt with recent cases involving breach of peace, breach of trust, counterfeit money, driving under suspension, financial identity fraud, harassment, larceny, malicious injury to property, marijuana possession, missing person, public disorderly conduct, receiving stolen goods, second-degree domestic violence, third-degree domestic violence, use of vehicle without consent, and vandalism.

(KCSO reports are provided under the S.C. Freedom of Information Act. Subjects are considered innocent until proven guilty.)