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Elgin Crime Report - March 8, 2019
Columbia man charged with domestic violence

Elgin officers arrested a 45-year-old Columbia man for second-degree domestic violence on Feb. 28 for allegedly assaulting his 40-year-old girlfriend at her residence in Elgin several days earlier.

On Feb. 24, an officer responded to the woman’s home and was advised by dispatchers that the man had already left the scene. The officer reported that the woman had rendess around her neck and a large contusion on her forehead. The woman said her boyfriend had been visiting her when she meantioned the name of someone he works with. She said he got upset when he heard the man’s name, began throwing things around her bedroom and broke the door to the bedroom.

She reportedly told the officer her boyfriend then began striking her in her head with his hands and head-butted her, causing the contusion on her forehead. She said he also placed both his hands around her throat and began choking her, causing her to bite the sides of her tongue and black out.

She said she regained consciousness as he was pulling her up off the floor by her hair. At that point, her brother arrived and said he had called 911, prompting the boyfriend to leave.

According to online courthouse records, a judge set bail at $15,000 which was paid by a bonding company on March 1.

The EPD also reported the following other recent incidents:

A man living on Brentwood Drive reported that he and his wife were watching television on the night of Feb. 17 when they heard a tap on a window. They ignored it, but then they heard another tap. The man said he retrieved his firearm and went to see if someone was trying to break in. He said when he walked out his front door, he saw a man wearing a black hoodie running away down the street. An officer and a Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office deputy searched the area, but could not find the man. The following night, the same couple contacted authorities after someone knocked on their door but no one was there when they went to answer. This time, officers located an Orlando, Fla., man who claimed to be working for AT&T as a salesman. While speaking with that man, a car pulled up with three other men inside, all wearing AT&T polo shirts. Although they were warned about needing a business license to operate in the town limits, officers determined they were not responsible for disturbing the couple.

A man living on Jeffers Circle said an unknown man left a message on his family’s answering machine on Feb. 23 that concerned them. The caller, using a deep voice with a lot of static in the background, allegedly said, “You ain’t nothing, you ain’t nothing cute,” threatened to “cut” someone and would call back the next day. An officer called the number from which the call appeared to have been made, and a man who answered the phone claimed several people had called him asking why he had left messages on their phones. He said he believes someone has “spoofed” his number, making it appear he is the one making the calls. The family listened in on the call and were satisfied he was not the same man who had left the threatening message.

Around 9:30 p.m. Feb. 23, an 18-year-old Elgin man came into the Main Street Circle K, went up to the counter and allegedly told the clerk, “I’m not going to do what I was going to do, because I know you.” He then proceded to knock all the merchandise off the front counter, causing a disturbance and damaging the items. An officer and county deputy later spoke to the man near his home. He explained that he had been frustrated by members of his family as well as the fact that he realized he had forgotten his wallet when he went to the store. The officer cited him for public disorderly conduct and malicious injury to property, but did not arrest him.

An officer arrested a 61-year-old Columbia woman for driving under the influence and an open container violation after being dispatched to Sessions Road regarding a vehicle stuck in a ditch. Upon arrival, the officer found the woman standing in the doorway of her Nissan Murano. She said she had been attempting to do a U-turn in the middle of roadway when her car got stuck on the edge of the ditch. Detencting the odor of alcohol coming from her person, the officer conducted a field sobriety test, which the woman failed, and arrested her. At the jail, her breath test had a result of a .23 percent blood alcohol content, nearly three times the legal limit.

On Feb. 27, a man reported a suspicious package being delivered to his home on Smyrna Road. He said he 14-year-old granddaguther received a package marked as coming from Portland, Ore., that contained two sex toys. He said the package was addressed to both his wife and granddaughter, but there was no sender’s name on the package.

On Feb. 14, a woman dropping off her child at Blaney Elementary School accidentally went over a curb and stricking an awning support post.

On Feb. 15, a woman reported that someone stole two checks she had left in her mailbox to be delivered and cashed them at Food Lion.

Elgin officers also dealt with incidents involving an alleged burglary, disregarding a stop sign driving left of center, driving under suspension, expired registration, identity theft, larceny, marijuana possession, methamphetamine possession, consumption of beer by someone under 21 years of age, no driver’s license, open container, operating an uninsured vehicle, possession of drug paraphernalia, public consumption of alcohol, shoplifting, speeding, suicide threat, suspended tag, trespassing and vandalism.

(EPD reports are provided under the S.C. Freedom of Information Act. Subjects are considered innocent until proven guilty.)